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    2 pensions, should I combine?

    Hello, I have 2 pensions currently. 1. PRSA set up in my previous job, currently paused, value 23k 2. Work pension in new job 5% of salary matched by the company. 40% tax relief Value 6k Should I transfer the 23k into the new pension? I don’t have much extra cash to be putting any more into...
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    TWSS not being counted as income for PRSA tax relief

    Hi, I am filing my tax return for 2020 using Revenue MyAccount and attempting to claim tax relief on a backdated contribution to my PRSA. Last year, I was in receipt of the Temporary Wage Subsidy Scheme for a few months. But the eForm 12 is not considering the TWSS payments as income for the...
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    Public sector employee and separate ‘standard prsa’

    I am a public sector employee - A prsi - for around 20 years. I also have a small private business and have a separate tax liability each year. For past 5 years I made contributions to a ‘PRSA’ and received relevant tax benefit also. Appears current valid of this pension product is around €40k...
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    Total AMC 1% for PRSA

    Today, I received a quote from a QFA that he can set-up executive only PRSA for 1% AMC. That includes the Davy-select PRSA platform fees and his commission through them for any advise. On top of that I need to pay for any fund charges such as Vanguard. I would like to know if it is a good deal...
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    PRSA or AVC

    Hi All I recently joined a public body. I met with a cornmarket rep and he adviced on setting up an avc with them. Prior to this I had a PRSA with Zurich. I have been told that payroll will generally facilitate any payments. I am wondering which I should go with or does an AVC differ from a...
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    PRSA transfer to access cash

    Hello I have a question re an old pension from previous employer. Transfer value not much : 20k+. I have a pension from current employer and other investments etc. Because of that I would like to just close this out. I’m close to 50, so I was wondering is it possible to set up a PRSA and then...
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    Starting PRSA when you already have defined contribution pension and public sector pension contributions

    I'm looking to get up to speed with pensions and know what I need to do now to have comfortable retirement (or retire early!). I think my situation is bit less straight forward because my pension will be a mix of PRSA, defined contribution and public sector. I had a consultation with a...
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    Non-standard PRSA question

    Hi everyone, I have a standard PRSA from New Ireland through BOI. I realize that I am paying way too much in fees (5% contribution + 1% AMC). I researched a bit and found that I can invest on my own into Non-standard PRSA through DAVY select which has lowest (0.7% + some AMC built into the the...
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    Pension fund option on leaving service

    Appreciate any advice you can offer us. My wife has recently retired from a company due to ill health. She is currently 53 and possibly will not live to see the retirement age. The pension pot is very modest due to short tenure there. We have recently purchased a new house so would benefit from...
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    2 Pensions versus transferring PRSA (non employer contributed) to new company scheme

    Don't know enough about pensions to know if this is a stupid question or not! This is a scenario I may have in the future. Basically, I'm about to start my pension - a Zurich Life PRSA through LA Brokers. My company currently doesn't have a pension scheme as of yet but if auto-enrollment comes...
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    Non-standard PRSA vs Personal Pension (& list of general pension questions)

    Here's my situation: I usually work as a contractor (so I switch between jobs every 1 to 5 years). I have to sort out my own pension. Every so often I become a full time employee and hence get an occupational pension. Any time I leave the full time position I would like to roll the money from...
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    Ive a modest 6k or so to invest in a PRSA. Where can I educate myself about buying one? I would like to just throw it into one and forget about it until retirement.
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    Transferring a PRSA

    I've got about 40k in a PRSA which I've let lie idle for a year or so. I've started a new job contracting and wanted to reactivate the PRSA, I've always found this confusing so when it was suggested to me by the agency I deal with that I should contact a company they recommend I went ahead...
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    Individual PRSA contributions when not working?

    I have an individual PRSA account with New Ireland that I stopped contributing into when I stopped working to look after my children. My husband earns enough to pay the higher tax rate. Can we (1) still keep contributing to it as the funds would technically come from his salary and (2) claim...
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    Non-Standard PRSA vs Standard PRSA

    Hi there. I've recently started contracting and I'm using an umbrella company and I asked them about pension information. They recommended opening a PRSA and gave me the details of a broker to contact. I contacted the broker and after some questions, he sent me out some paperwork to fill out...
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    PRSA and you move to love abroad?

    Hi, What happens with your PRSA plan if you move to live abroad? Can I transfer the value of your pension benefits to another pension arrangement outside of Ireland? Thanks
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    Pension has American Index Fund - Should I still buy an index fund via Degiro

    Hi Everyone, Sorry in advance for what may be a silly question. I have a PRSA which I contribute the max(15%) for my age group under 30) Despite the fees the pension provider charge, I put my pension in an index fund which covers North America and also one that covers Europe. Ideally, I...
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    EFT pension vs Standard Pension

    Hi All, Not sure if this is a more a pension query or ETF query but anyway... Does anybody on here invest in ETF's through there pension fund and do they find the costs associated with ETF's lower then standard pension funds? I plan on starting my pension through ETF's and I am trying to...
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    Employer contributions to PRSA from abroad

    Can my employer (a foreign company) make contributions to my PRSA on foreign income for which I do not pay tax on in Ireland?