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    Party Wall Agreement

    Hello My neighbour and I agreed and signed a party-wall agreement so that he could build his extension, and so that I could eventually use this wall, if I wanted to extend. He is now selling. How does this affect things with the new owner? Will the new owner be bound by this agreement also...
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    Property Signed over to myself in the past

    Hi, I am a resident of Ireland and have been paying employment taxes since 2007. My parent's property which is located in Northern Ireland was signed over to me and wife's name in 2011 (via a solicitor) and estimated value back then was approx €85k - although no professional valuation...
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    Buying an apartment for when child turns 18

    Hi Askaboutmoney, (Not urgent will see where property prices go[1], act on in a years time.) I am thinking of buying a 2 bed apartment for my son(currently 13 years old)[2] Can I easily put it into his name when he turns 18[3]? I assume when he turns 18[3] he can make use of tax advantages...
  4. K

    Buying a property - Mortgage and cash

    Hi, My partner and I are not married and we just got a property. She has a mortgage approval on her own and I have cash to cover the other half. The idea is that we will go 50%-50% with the property. What's is the best action to take financial wise? Is there anything we should consider? Thanks,
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    Scam on property for sale on Daft

    I found lots of internet articles on scamming of renters but not much at all on property for sale on Daft. I thought I would never be drawn in by a scammer - I would spot it a mile away - but I was tempted by several emails I received in response to my ad on Daft. There was no bad spelling. The...
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    Putting Dublin rental property into joint names

    Hi and I'm a new poster and own a rental property (from my family home) which is 100% in my own name with bank mortgage. I live in the UK and trying to understand the considerations to get my property into joint names (50-50) with my husband. The plan is to spread tax since I'm the main earner...
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    Need advice on property around 200k in dublin

    Hi All, I live in blackrock for few years now but with the increasing rents i have decided to buy a property in dublin instead. However, i see huge gap in pricing when it comes to buying house/apartment in north and south dublin. My budget is around 200K and i have options only o go to north...
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    Transferring house to ex following divorce

    Hi I was divorced 10 years was in our joint names and I agreed to transfer sole ownership to my ex as part of divorce. The divorce directed me to transfer ownership. But I never did anything about it so I assume house is still in joint names. My ex is now talking about investigating...
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    Buying house from parents

    Hi all, Need your help. Myself and my fiance are planning on buying my parents house from them. They had it for sale a couple of months ago and did not reach a sale. We will be getting the house for circa 75k less than what the house was advertised for previously (In my opinion it was...
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    Pension property investment

    Happy New Year Greetings one and all - thank you kindly for great advice always... I am reading an article ‘pension property investment ‘ in Sherry Fitzgerald’s City & Country magazine - issue 66. Can’t find a link to share it here. Bottom line is that it recommends investment of pension...
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    Buying a house - surveyor in Dublin

    Hi, I am in the process to buy a house can anyone please recommend a good surveyor? Thank you in advance!
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    Wexford living - move from Dublin - Nurse

    friend qualified 2 years ago as a nurse (general) - 35 years old- and looking to buy a house. Currently living and working in Dublin. Obviously unaffordable for a single person on €35k. She is interested in Wexford town and environs as an option - work, living, lifestyle and yet within reach of...
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    Property purchase funding options

    Hi, We have spotted a property that we're really interested in with a price tag of €960k and don't know how or if we could fund It's purchase. The property has a number of complete units with potential rental income of €3k/month and a site that would be developed for our family residence with...
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    What're the taxes on net rental income?

    Hi, As long as the rental income is greater than rental expenses, what are the taxes involved to net rental income? May I have to be self-employed or something like that? Thanks
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    33 years old .. Invest savings in rental property?

    Hi, I am 33 years old and have a large lump sum saved up. I am currently working abroad (not an overly secure job) and probably looking to come back home to Ireland in next 2-4 years. I am looking to invest half of the lump some in a cash flow producing asset so when I return to Ireland I...
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    Inheriting property while parent is alive

    It is the plan from my mother to leave her own PPT and her parents house which she inherited 15 years ago to her 4 children. The value of both houses would be under €1.2m so the €310k allowable threshold per child will not be breached. My brother has lived in the 2nd home for 15 years and pays...
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    Re-mortgage of Irish property while living abroad

    Hi - a relative of mine lives abroad (in Europe but not the EU) and has an apartment in Dublin that's rented out. She spoke to AIB a few weeks ago inquiring about re-mortgaging, and the AIB person told her that it wouldn't be a problem living abroad, all she would need was a credit check from...
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    Solicitor to Get Solicitor's Letter Sent

    I have a situation where a tenant caused a significant amount of damage to furnishings. I set out the situation in an email because I need to get a bit of legal advice and probably a solicitor's letter sent. Everything was set out clearly, so very little time needed to understand the situation...
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    Rental Income paylesstax

    Hi All, I am wondering if any landlords have used the paylesstax service software (can't link it as I am a new user)? Is it any good re the tax calculations and is it easy to use? I would be thinking of the middle package €175, do they provide you with a file that can be uploaded to ROS? Many...
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    Selling foreign Property

    I'm after some advice for some friends selling an bar in Spain (both are Spanish citizens) It is an Irish themed bar and they have found themselves in a position where they need to sell, the husband and main operator of the Bar is not well. What Irish publications/websites would people suggest...