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    How much after tax is a rental property worth to a landlord?

    Hi all, I'm trying to get my head around this and maybe a landlord can clarify if they are in a similar position. If I decide to buy a property (mortgaged or cash) and rent it out for €1400 per month, I know that I can claim depreciation on furniture and management fees, property...
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    Rent levels outlook

    Folks, As a landlord, is it time to reduce the rent with all the uncertainty and unemployment? Getting ahead of the curve. Before the tenant announce they are moving out.
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    Investment Advice - Should I invest in this buy to let property

    I am 40, self-employed, married, with no kids or pension. Joint income is €150K, and mortgage is €250K with 25 years left to run. I have recently come into some money of €200K, and I'm interested in purchasing a property in Dublin that has come on the market. Asking price is €390K, and I'm...
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    Key Post Invest in commercial property or residential property?

    hi all, I'm new to the property investment. My spouse and I have some cash to invest. We have found a commercial properties with long term leases signed off(the net yield about 9%) and I talked to the Bank, we can borrow 50% of the property value to buy for this commercial property with...
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    Buy a site as a company, build property, does full sell price include Vat?

    Hi, finding very hard to get an answer on this (without troubling my accountant). If a business buys a site with planning permission from an individual who happens to be selling his side garden for example for €200k, the business then builds the house for €150k and then sells the house for €500k...
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    Property auction

    Hi There, We recently bid online on a property and need some advice. We were bidding manually against an autautomatic bidder who had a maximum bid of £161K set. The automatic bidder bid £160K so we put in a manual bid of £161K, the automatic bid immediately matched our bid and the auction...
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    Property investment for a child ( Minor )

    I do intend to seek professional advice on this matter but in general terms has anybody any experience or advice of the following scenario Buy a house now with a view to child ( currently a Minor ) having it as their resident in approximately 10 to 12 years time. Nothing very fancy, perhaps a...
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    Property purchase funding options

    Hi, We have spotted a property that we're really interested in with a price tag of €960k and don't know how or if we could fund It's purchase. The property has a number of complete units with potential rental income of €3k/month and a site that would be developed for our family residence with...
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    Renovation Property as a Business

    I am considering buying a property to renovate and sell on again. I'm wondering about the most tax efficient way of doing this. I have a limited company already, so I have a couple of avenues of approach. Buy the house in a personal capacity (will fund privately without finance) and renovate it...