1. C

    Dual central heating

    Can anyone please advise if oil heating should make solid fuel stove get very hot when no fire is lighting? Had stove installed recently and I'm very concerned about this as small special needs person here. No reply as yet from the plumber.
  2. J

    Water problems following an outage

    Hoping some kind soul might see this soon and help me out... I’ve just returned from the hols with bags of washing to discover the following NOT working :: washing machine, dishwasher, all toilets and cold taps (except main kitchen cold tap).. The following ARE working :: kitchen cold and hot...
  3. T

    Heating controls upgrade - Contractor issues

    Hi all, My issue relates to the plumbing contractor we chose for upgrading the heating controls and replacing our slowly failing boiler. On our first interaction the contractor specified that he would not be providing an electrician and I would have to get one myself. We both agreed the price...
  4. D

    ATR group plumbing- has anyone used this company?

    Hi guys! Am looking to get a downstairs toilet installed. ATR group. This company was suggested. I was wondering if anyone had any experience of them. Thank, you!
  5. N

    Move oil boiler / Mice

    Hi guys, Looking for some advice, Moved into a new home in county Meath last may and over the winter we had issues with mice 13 caught at this stage. Got a professional to look at how they where getting into the house and he believes they are coming along the pipes from the outside boiler. The...
  6. Z

    Noisy taps

    I recently had a new bathroom installed with a noisy pump. (ooops!) Would like to remove the taps on the sink from the power pump to reduce noise at night without reducing the water flow to a trickle. Is this possible?
  7. M

    Heating system losing pressure...

    hi, we have a problem with one rad not heating (last couple of months) and boiler losing pressure (only discovered this over the weekend). We repressurised to 1.5 bar yesterday and it went down to 0.5 overnight. We refilled again and will check if this has changed in the morning. The questions I...
  8. P

    Covered alleyway, neighbour's plumbing through floor and into my airspace

    Terraced house, side access gated with covered alleyway (old coal delivery access for neighbours, allowed neighbour to remove my yard wall to facilitate temporary access whilst building small kitchen extension) Neighbours bedroom and bathroom above this alleyway and now new plumbing waste pipes...
  9. R

    Repairs in New House

    Hi All. I have the following budget for the costs of repair work we have in a house we have gone sale agreed on . Can someone tell me if this is too low ? House in a 4 BHK in blanch/Roselawn . re-plumbing of the property - 11K - Replump and Remove GB Pipes -There are GB pipes going to the Rads...
  10. R

    House survey - asbestos and pipeworks ?

    We have gone sale agreed on a house built in late 1970s. The house looked to be very well maintained with additions and work done to the house by current owners. We had a survey done by a chartered surveyors and although we dont have the full report , the surveyor mentioned a few things which...
  11. L

    External Boiler

    I am buying a new house and upon viewing the boiler is outside but needs to be replaced.. How much am I looking at to get a new outdoor oil boiler, house is approx. 2000 sq feet 4 bedroom. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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    Compensation for inconvenience of dealling with major repairs

    Myself and 3 friends recently moved into a rented property and unfortunately instantly discovered some major issues with it. The plumbing in the kitchen is in a really bad way (floor flooding from normal use of appliances/sink, sink not draining etc). Two of the four hobs of the cooker don't...