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    Moving PRSA to Zurich ‘dynamic’ investment fund

    public servant with expected 40 years service at normal retirement. Current age 49. Have a private prsa (c. 40k euro ) also. Built up over 5 years as have small business and ‘tax’ benefit. Financial adviser - commission based - suggested that prsa not necessary given particulars. Advised to...
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    Public sector employee and separate ‘standard prsa’

    I am a public sector employee - A prsi - for around 20 years. I also have a small private business and have a separate tax liability each year. For past 5 years I made contributions to a ‘PRSA’ and received relevant tax benefit also. Appears current valid of this pension product is around €40k...
  3. S

    IT Freelance, sole trader or limited company?

    Hi, Long time reader and occasional poster. Please excuse my English as I'm a foreigner. I'm currently PAYE worker in IT (52k). I have a potential to earn 600€/day as a contractor for the same job/position. Contracts should be 12/18 months renewable. I am seriously thinking to start working...
  4. C

    33yr Old New Homeowner looking to optimise income use

    Age: 33 Spouse’s/Partner's age: 33 Annual gross income from employment or profession: 65,000 Salary (+25,000ish Director Income) Annual gross income of spouse: 52,000 Monthly take-home pay: 6,700 (Excluding director income) Type of employment: e.g. Civil Servant, self-employed : Private...
  5. S

    Moving pension from the UK

    Hi everyone, I contributed to pension when I worked (18 months) in the UK through employer matched program. I would like to move that to Ireland. How much of a hassle it is? does anyone done this before.
  6. W

    Start a pension now (32 year old) or wait until financial situation more stable?

    I'll try to keep this as short as possible. I am 32 years old (33 in October) and 2 years into a small business that is established as a Ltd. company. I own a 50% stake in the company. 2021 will be the first profitable year (small profit) and to date I have taken no income from the business. Due...
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    Total AMC 1% for PRSA

    Today, I received a quote from a QFA that he can set-up executive only PRSA for 1% AMC. That includes the Davy-select PRSA platform fees and his commission through them for any advise. On top of that I need to pay for any fund charges such as Vanguard. I would like to know if it is a good deal...
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    Retirement spend. A calculator or list of assumptions?

    Hi all, There are numerous calculators for savings and pension pot size, but is there something to forecast retirement spend? One of the first articles at the top of a google search is a Motley Fool one suggest 80% of pre-retirement income. That seems very excessive for anyone who is fortunate...
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    Small pension and return on AVCs.

    I have €2,000 that came from matured Savings Certificates. If I spent it on buying AVCs would it make a noticeable difference to my final pension? I'm in my early 60s, public service and would like to retire soon, although my annual pension will be very small until I reach state pension age.
  10. J

    Married couple 2 Pensions - How to Optimise

    Hi all, I'm heading towards retirement. c,1.1M in DC pot. My Wife has c 100K in DC Pot We both hope to retire in early 60's so quite a gap to when the state pension will pay out..(66 or 67 or 68? depending on all sorts) We both have some scope to add extra AVC's but want to do it in the optimum...
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    AVC strategy for couple on different tax brackets

    Hi all, I plan to start maxing out my pension contributions into my occupational pension scheme to 20% (Revenue limit for my age). It look me too long to understand that I have been missing out on the 40% tax relief, but better late than never I suppose. However I am unsure whether my husband...
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    Value of public sector pension to private PRSA

    Hi I am looking at joining an organisation that has the public sector pension scheme, an affiliated hospital but not a HSE hospital . I am in the private sector currently. I am just wondering given it is a variation of a DB scheme for this hospital that new entrants have and I don’t understand...
  13. W

    Fund left uninvested

    I had my pension transferred to a Bond about 25 years ago after I left an employment. Got on line to it recently and noticed it has been stagnant (has not gone up or down) in last 4 years (as far as I can go back online) Suggestion was made that at maturity it transferred to cash and this is...
  14. J

    Pension or paying mortgage early?

    I'm 28. I have a full-time job and I make 190k/year. I currently have a mortgage of 300k at 2.8%. I haven't started saving for my pension yet as I was trying to pay off my personal loans, credit cards, etc. I'm debt free now (except the mortgage loan). My question is, should I start saving for...
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    Starting PRSA when you already have defined contribution pension and public sector pension contributions

    I'm looking to get up to speed with pensions and know what I need to do now to have comfortable retirement (or retire early!). I think my situation is bit less straight forward because my pension will be a mix of PRSA, defined contribution and public sector. I had a consultation with a...
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    Defined benefit pension with AVCs - lump sum question

    Have got tons of advice here over the years but my first post looking for specific advice for my situation. I'm 57 and lucky enough to have a defined benefit (DB) pension which will pay approx 15k per annum. I also have AVCs which may be worth 200k at 65, the earliest I can access either. I've...
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    Pension fund option on leaving service

    Appreciate any advice you can offer us. My wife has recently retired from a company due to ill health. She is currently 53 and possibly will not live to see the retirement age. The pension pot is very modest due to short tenure there. We have recently purchased a new house so would benefit from...
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    Pensions Where to Start

    Hi Folks, I need to get started on a Pension here in Ireland I know dropped the ball here a bit; but looking for advice on companies options etc. I spent a large number of years in Australia and only returned 3 years ago and the whole pension scheme here seems a bit confusing or else I just...
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    Buy second property as my pension?

    Quick question, we have a mortgage and owe about 50% still to the bank, my OH was made redundant a few years ago so have a few bob saved. He is now back working full time, im a stay at home parent with a long term illness on social welfare with no pension. We are considering using our savings to...
  20. F

    30yo - pay off mortgage or pension

    Hi all, Age:. 30 Spouse’s/Partner's age: 30 Annual gross income from employment or profession: 40,000 Annual gross income of spouse: 35,000 Monthly take-home pay: 2500 + 2300 Type of employment: e.g. Civil Servant, self-employed: private sector In general are you: (a) spending more than you...