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    Pension Rights / Overseas Divorce

    I am looking for some advise on my future pension situation. I am a foreign national that worked in Ireland during 1999-2010. During this period of time, I accrued benefit for a partial State Pension (contributed for more than 10 years), and my employer's private pension. After leaving...
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    Buy property in Spain by getting Irish mortgage with Irish property as security?

    Hello, I owe an apartment in Dublin. I am now trying to buy a house in Spain but it's very difficult for non-residents (and an extra 5k upfront just in mortgage registration fees). Would I be able to get a mortagage from an Irish bank by using my Irish apartment as a security? The 2 properties...
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    Mortgage app when you also have an overseas mortgage

    Hi Going for a mortgage in Ireland for first time. We have a house in Aus valued $290k loan balance $270k. Interest only repayments of $1100max per month. rental income 335per week. If we disclose this are we classed as second time buyers in Ireland? How much info would we expect to give...