1. MajorGreenhorn

    Sitting down with the Ombudsman as Mediation and my Financial Provider to discuss

    Hi, I just wanted to ask if anyone had any experience with the Mediation process with the Ombudsman and their Financial Advisor? We are due to meet with our Financial provider to discuss the resolution of our complaint against them regarding the tracker mortgage issue. What should we expect...
  2. N

    AIB Unsuccessful tracker redress appeal

    Hi all, I got my response and it was unsuccessful but one thing has stood out and I was wondering would anyone think it was worth following up on? There's a line in the letter that says if they had offered the tracker rate in 2012, it would have been the same or more than the variable rate at...
  3. P

    KBC KBC statement re Tracker rates, PDH V Buy to Let

    Hi All, I wish to ask about the statement KBC released on 20th Dec 2017 on their own website where they gave an update regarding the cohorts that they have admitted to so far. I am sure most have read it already but i have posted it below for those whom have not seen it yet. My case would...
  4. C

    FSPO complaint - GDPR non compliance by bank

    came across scenario where complaint lodged to FSPO and bank provides evidence from their files, that was not released / denied existed under Data Protection Act Request. How would the FSPO determine such a case ?
  5. C

    Gdpr Data Protection - bank of ireland

    has anyone made an GDPR/ Access Request under Data Protection Act to bank of ireland. The bank wrote had made multiple errors in operation of accounts. When I became suspicious , I decided to ask for data held. They immediately wrote to say they were closing accounts and those for my partner...
  6. G

    Other Ombudsman case - What information am I entitled to receive from Insurance company

    Hi All - I have been in a 6 year dispute with an Insurance company. The case is currently in mediation but looking unlikely to be resolved. I expect the case, therefore, to go to the Ombudsman for deliberation. I have received certain official correspondence, specific to my case from the...
  7. C

    BOI Data Protection Act - Section 4 request

    Long story short - brother’s son submitted a DPA access request to my local bank branch in 2016. They did not acknowledge but sent a letter to him saying all his student bank accounts - current, credit card, student loan - would be closed in 2 months and that he should make alternative banking...