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    Mortgage Interest Rate Options Letters

    I am looking to get a copy of some mortgage option letters (redacted) that would have been sent out to customers after a fixed rate on their mortgage expired..... i am looking for AIB letters from 2002 to 2007 or any other bank option letters to use as a comparison with the letter I received...
  2. K

    Mortgage Protection Insurance

    Hi, Which company do you recommend for mortgage protection insurance? Do I need life or mortgage insurance? Or both? What's the difference? Thanks
  3. K

    Buying a property - Mortgage and cash

    Hi, My partner and I are not married and we just got a property. She has a mortgage approval on her own and I have cash to cover the other half. The idea is that we will go 50%-50% with the property. What's is the best action to take financial wise? Is there anything we should consider? Thanks,
  4. C

    Has anyone received their mortgage refund yet from Ulster bank?

    I received a letter in April, told I would receive it in September and still no update.
  5. D

    Remove name from deeds

    Hi A number of years ago I bought a house, which is my family home, with my father in law (FIL) on the mortgage and on the title. This was my FIL parents property which was willed to him and siblings. In effect all parties were paid with proceeds of mortgage. My wife wasn't placed on the loan...
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    Creating a Right of Residence

    Hi, My wife and I,both previously widowed, remarried three years ago. We want to gift her house to her married daughter, with a lifetime, irrevocable, right of residence for her unmarried son. The couple will be building a separate “granny flat” for her son, for which they will require a small...
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    Ulster Bank cuts some mortgage rates

    Looks like UB have cut some of their fixed mortgage rates Can't find a new rate table but their standard 5 year fixed is dropping to 2.6% (from 2.99%)...
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    Question about UK debt while living in Ireland.

    Hello, I emigrated from Ireland to the UK between the years 2010 to 2014. Over this period, I took out an overdraft with Lloyds TSB for £700 and a phone contract with O2. I increased my overdraft limit to £1500 due to reckless spending. I returned to Ireland in early 2015 and was paying back...
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    Buying a house with a parent

    My husband and I are looking at buying a house with my mother. We have found a house with a separate building (for my mother) which we are all happy with. My mother can buy her part outright, however my husband and I can’t get a mortgage with someone else having an interest in the house. The...
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    I just got my credit report from the CCR and seen an old overdraft from 07 on it. There is a balance still owing which was fees and interest as when I switched account the account was not closed. Will this look badly on my mortgage application now as I have historical overdraft that hasn’t been...
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    Completed Insolvency, now bank refusing to write off debt as there was a co-borrower.

    Long story short, co-borrower (father) died in 2011, approached bank in 2013 for assitance for a period of time to get myself back in my feet. This was refused and after a lot of time wasting, eventually arrived at a PIA in 2016 that involved the bank getting my house, they wouldn't accept any...
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    How will the HPL1 check return?

    My partner previously boight a home with a friend of his and he fell out with him and also had a child with his ex so had to move out about 7 years ago. We are currently applying to be put on the council list to hopefully get assistance with HAP but we need the HPL1 form completed. He is unsure...
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    What affects your credit report?

    Hi guys I'm new here and hoping someone might be able to shed some light. Me and husband are about to apply for a mortgage together. He has already had a mortgage for a house he sold and a spotless credit history however I had to apply for a credit report for the first time today and I'm kind...
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    FTB Mortgage - Local branch or national call centre?

    Hi, First time buyer here comparing the various mortgage offerings out there. Looking around, there are two options for most providers. I can walk into my local branch, or call a national telephone number. Is either of those more favourable to pursue, or does it matter at all in terms of the...
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    Newly self-employed mortgage application - help!

    I'm an actuary with 10 years experience. Most recently I was a self-employed contractor (director of a ltd company) from 2011 to 2015, full time from 2015 to 2017 and limited company again (a different one) from Jan 2018 to present. I'm highly employable and earn a very nice salary but I've...
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    EBS Mortgage form filed in by EBS

    Hi, Not sure if has any traction. Back in 2006 myself and my fiancee (now wife) applied for a mortgage with EBS. The Manager we where dealing was known to my wife's family due to banking with EBS for many years. Anyway, when we went to the EBS branch and discussed the mortgage, house and...
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    Buying house from parents

    Hi all, Need your help. Myself and my fiance are planning on buying my parents house from them. They had it for sale a couple of months ago and did not reach a sale. We will be getting the house for circa 75k less than what the house was advertised for previously (In my opinion it was...
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    credit checks at drawdown stage- insight needed!

    Hi, Been reading this forum for a while - very helpful when going through the mortgage process. About 9 years I got a credit card and moved away to Australia and forgot about the final balance of about 600 euro. This was with BOI. ( so young and stupid - don't judge!) When I came back, I...
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    Mortgage approval clause in contract when selling house

    Hi, I am selling our house and the purchasers have sent in the contracts and deposit. There is a clause (below) that states the purchaser could rescind the contract without penalty if they don't have mortgage approval. I was given the impression they already have this and it makes me concerned...
  20. J

    Mortgages - Additional Payment to Mortgage

    It was requested that I take out a 30 year mortgage when i applied for same even though i had requested 25 years. My repayments are manageable and so I like to add in extra into my mortgage account when i have it. This seems to reduce the monthly figure then. I requested from the bank to take...