1. E

    25 years fixed interest rates

    Hi, First time buyer here. I am looking for long term fixed interest rates mortgage and come across Avant money. They seem to have decent rate 2.99% for 25 years for 90% LTV. Any body experience Avant money ? thanks
  2. D

    Qualification on Title / Mortgage Drawdown

    We are in final stages of buying a house in an estate built 2 years ago. Our solicitor has noted that the original architects opinion on compliance lists 4 planning conditions in the schedule, which have not yet been complied with. These conditions all relate to the common areas of the estate...
  3. B

    Any penalties if you don't draw down all of the mortgage?

    Hi, We are in conversations regarding mortgages at the moment, with the current pricings its difficult to know how much we need. From talking to some banks - they are providing the option of taking out a more than enough mortgage and then only drawing down what you need. Has anyone done this...
  4. P

    New(?) AIB 4-year fixed rates for mortgages over €250k

    Apologies if this has already been posted somewhere but I just spotted it on AIB's website. I think these offers are new. Higher Value 4 Year Fixed Rate 2.15% for LTV <= 50% 2.2% for LTV between 50% and 80% for mortgages over €250k. Switchers from another lender get €2,000. Not far off...
  5. T

    Bank Mortgage Document Request

    Does anyone know how I can get the original mortgage documentation for my residential home from the bank? I asked them to send me the documents but all they sent was a single page with the details of the current mortgage on it. Is there something specific that I need to request? My ex-wife has...
  6. P

    Mortgage repayments in retirement

    Age: 55 I am due to retire in 2030 age 65. I am looking for opinions on carrying repayments into retirement : two loans extent until 2035 and two loans until 2045. Already contributing to pension, and hope to have a decent defined contribution pension. Currently rental income on Invest1 is...
  7. R

    AIB - Overpaying on Fixed Rate

    Hi, I currently have a mortgage with AIB, 5 year green fixed 2.35%. My query relates to the possibility of overpaying on this mortgage. I read on here recently that the overpayment charge can often be zero for this mortgage. I enquired and received the confirmation letter saying that the...
  8. C

    Conveyancing question - Getting a eDischarge from IBRC on an old INBS mortgage

    Hi there, In December we went sale agreed on a house, 1st time buyers. Took almost 3 years as I'm self employed so lots of hoops and prep to get to this point, yada yada.... As of last week our solicitor has not gotten any contracts from the vendors solicitor. I took a look at the Folio for...
  9. J

    House Equity split formula

    We have agreed to separate and for my wife to stay in the family home with kids for further 4 years at which point she will sell the property. Estimated current value of house in €370k with €234k owed on mortgage leaving equity of €136k. if we sold now and split equity we would each have €68k...
  10. SonicRR

    Selling stocks to clear mortgage

    I'm 46 with a 200k mortgage and 15 years left to pay it off. I have a healthy investment portfolio which has earned 200k+ over the past few years. I have a pension, a good emergency fund, and a couple of other properties with no mortgages. I'm wondering if I should sell enough stock to clear...
  11. H

    Need to diversify and plan for the future

    Age: 42 (single) Annual gross income from employment or profession: Salary: €190K Annual Bonus: €71K Monthly take-home pay: ~€6,200 (salary) Type of employment: Private Sector In general are you: (a) spending more than you earn, or (b) saving? Saving about 1.5-2K per month Rough estimate...
  12. P

    Which lenders discriminate against existing customers?

    Hi, It seems that, over the last few years, more lenders are allowing their existing customers to switch to any rate that is offered to their new customers. (I know that you might have to pay a break fee for switching.) But are there any lenders that still don't allow this? Also, if I think I...
  13. P

    Second Mortgage

    Hi Guys, A few years ago I bought a small cottage that was on an acre of land and I still have more than half the mortgage to pay back. Recently I got planning permission to build a new house ( 1900 sqft house) on the same land as the cottage, converting the cottage into a garage/gym. I'm...
  14. D

    20 years fixed rate mortgages?

    Hi, are there any banks that offer 20 years fixed-rate mortgages to first buyers in Ireland?
  15. D

    Costs owning a flat/house in Ireland

    Hi, I'm new here, I'm so excited I found this website! (Apologies if I am posting in the wrong forum.) I need help for my older aunt who wants to move to Ireland (not too far from Dublin) and eventually buy a place to live in herself. While I live in Ireland myself, I know nothing about buying...
  16. J

    New house question - large or small mortgage?

    Hi all, Looking for some advice on an opportunity in from of us. A new family home is available for us to purchase. Let's say price is €750k. We have an existing family home worth approx €370k. We have approx €250k in the bank and could get a mortgage for €550k as a joint mortgage on our PAYE...
  17. C

    Mortgage for a single parent

    Hi all, just wondering how much being a single parent to 1 child would impact the amount of mortgage I could get? I have tried to find out on the net but it’s a bit vague apart from saying that you will get a reduced amount if you have a dependant. Does anyone have any experience of this or know...
  18. R

    Drawing down Mortgage and I need a Car in the next 12 months

    We are due to draw down a Mortgage in Feb 2021 and have availed of the enhanced Gov. HTB Scheme. We are 1st-time buyers and have paid the minimum 10% deposit. We need a new car in the next 12 months and my query is in relation to whether I should take the full offer from the bank and use the...
  19. S

    Renovation Mortgage

    Hi, I have had a look around this forum (and have been lurking for a while now), but I had some questions around topping up a mortgage for renovations to which I have found no clear answers (probably because we are trying to do this extremely early in the process). We purchased a house as FTB...
  20. J

    Revoked credit card coming back to haunt me

    18 months ago I closed my AIB credit card. I made a lump payment of €1500 and closed it. It wasn't in arrears. Within a few days my credit card account disappeared from the AIB app. I had been told by AIB that stamp duty might be applied on the card after it's closed but I assumed with the...