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    Contractor Mortgage Application

    Hi All. Myself and my husband are looking to get a mortgage towards the end of the year. I am a day rate contractor and he has a permanent position. I have been contracting (self-employed) for 1.5 years and help permanent positions before then for several years. One thing we can't seem to get...
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    Couple with only one permanent job

    Hi all, Asking for friends that have recently discovered that the property they are renting is being placed on the market and so have decided to try and get on the housing ladder in their own right. The issue is that only one of them has a permanent job, the other has been in contract work...
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    Cross border buying and selling houses

    We’re hoping to sell a Donegal property and buy a property in Tyrone. I work in north, husband works In Donegal. Will we be able to get a mortgage in north with southern address? I’d been told by someone that there’s a freeze on lending to non uk residents- anyone know any different?
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    Help to Buy Scheme - Site Valuation/LTV % question

    Hello, My sister is in the throes of starting a self-build house on a site gifted by my parents. Without going into all of the figures, the LTV percentage is coming in at 69.76%. The scheme requires an LTV of 70%. The difference in € terms is the site valuation of 60,000 (as determined by the...
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    Buying new house but mortgage doesn't cover extension works

    Hi, Thanks for reading this everyone, it's my first post and any advice would be gratefully received. My growing family of partner + 3 kids (+1 more on the way) needs a bigger house to live in. The house we are currently in is unencumbered and I would expect it to fetch €160K+ on the market...
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    Irish Nationwaide mortgage from 2005

    Hi all, I had a variable rate mortgage with Irish Nationwide from 2005 which turned into the whole Shoreline / Pepper debacle. The mortgage is now a standard variable with BoI. I was originally never offered a tracker mortgage with Irish Nationwide - should I have been? If so do I have a right...
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    Should I use my savings to put a lump sum towards my mortgage?

    Age: 30 Spouse’s/Partner's age: n/a Annual gross income from employment or profession: €66,000 Annual gross income of spouse:n/a Monthly take-home pay €3564 Type of employment: e.g. Civil Servant, self-employed - private sector employed In general are you: (a) spending more than you earn, or...
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    Re-mortgage of Irish property while living abroad

    Hi - a relative of mine lives abroad (in Europe but not the EU) and has an apartment in Dublin that's rented out. She spoke to AIB a few weeks ago inquiring about re-mortgaging, and the AIB person told her that it wouldn't be a problem living abroad, all she would need was a credit check from...
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    My house value has risen strongly - can I get a better deal on my mortgage with a variable rate?

    I have been lucky enough that the house I bought a few years back has risen significantly...Maybe close to double its original value. I have a variable mortgage but now that my Loan to Value is better should the additional equity I have in my home mean I could get a better deal from the lender??
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    Refund of Capital

    Hi, I'm just wondering if the mortgage drawn down from the bank can be used to repay some of the capital paid by the purchaser to the vendor for the property? Basically, we are paying for our house by stage payments and we are hoping to delay drawing down the mortgage against stage payments as...
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    2 Mortgages one property

    Hello All, When I took out my mortgage 10 years ago the bank gave me 2 mortgages for the one house. 1 mortgage is a tracker and the other is on the variable. Can I change the variable mortgage to a fixed rate while leaving the other one as is on the tracker?
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    Vulture Fund took investment property now going after family home that has a tracker

    Hi, I have done my best to read as many posts as possible in order to get the best advice possible. As we are not legal eagles or accountants we are beginning to lose sleep over this, to such an extent that it is beginning to effect our ability to go to work and generate revenue from our...
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    First time buyer mortgage for residents abroad

    Hi guys, I'm looking for info regarding a first time mortgage for residents living abroad. myself and my husband are currently living in Australia and plan to move home in the next two years but want to start our mortgage now! Is it possible to get a first time buyers mortgage with a 10%...
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    Delay in sale after draw down of funds

    Hi apologies if anything like this has been asked before I'm currently buying a house 2-3 weeks ago we were at the stage of final contracts being signed - we had signed and sent to other side (in Australia unfortunately) while awaiting return of final contract our solicitor requested draw down...
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    Second Mortgage Help required

    Hi I was wondering if someone can give me some insight before I go to a mortgage advisor; Current situation; Own a two bed apartment valued at 110,000€ with a mortgage outstanding of 195,000€ therefore in negative equity. On tracker mortgage at a rate of 2% with Ptsb. Myself and my husband...
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    Short term mortgage protection.

    I am looking to get short term mortgage protection in place asap and was wondering if anyone has any idea who is best to provide it. I only need it for 20 months and remaining mortgage is only about €7500 but the problem is a lot of providers will only do it for 5 or 10 yrs. My previous...
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    Pepper Homeloans

    Hello - Looking to get a mortgage with Pepper. Presently they are the only ones offering to us. The product they are offering (variable mortgage) looks equivalent to any other mortgage to my novice eyes. But I'm slightly concerned about dealing with a company named after a fruit\veg...
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    Drawing down your mortgage

    Hey all, I hope someone has better knowledge than me at this. My girlfriend and I are in the middle of applying for our mortgage and we are hearing two different scenarios on out situation. So for example if we apply for say€250k and get the mortgage for this amount approved but we only Draw...
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    Lost Deeds & Vulture Banks

    In April 2014 I had gone sale agreed which after 25 years i was no longer able to make mortgage repayments for . After 16 weeks the bank eventually came back & advised they were unable to find the deeds of my house. The buyers lost patience & pulled out of the sale. The house has been on the...
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    Aib or EBS cash back which is better

    we are applying for a mortgage. We currently have in the region of 200,000 in savings and are looking at houses up to 450,000. Ideally we are hoping to have a Ltv less than 50% by getting a house for the region of 400,000 but we could fall short of that If we have to go to as high as 450,000...