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    Help to Buy Scheme - Site Valuation/LTV % question

    Hello, My sister is in the throes of starting a self-build house on a site gifted by my parents. Without going into all of the figures, the LTV percentage is coming in at 69.76%. The scheme requires an LTV of 70%. The difference in € terms is the site valuation of 60,000 (as determined by the...
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    Buy property in Spain by getting Irish mortgage with Irish property as security?

    Hello, I owe an apartment in Dublin. I am now trying to buy a house in Spain but it's very difficult for non-residents (and an extra 5k upfront just in mortgage registration fees). Would I be able to get a mortagage from an Irish bank by using my Irish apartment as a security? The 2 properties...
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    Not sure how to approach CC balance / FTB mortgage application

    Hi all, I am 30 yrs old, planning to apply for my mortgage in early 2018. Mostly my credit rating is in good shape; I have one loan with my bank that is active for the next 2 years, and have never missed a payment. Not too worried about it. However, I do have a credit card that has a balance...
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    Wife's maiden name on a mortgage?

    Apologies, I'm sure this has been asked many times before. My wife and I got a mortgage before we were married in 2004. We married in 2007 and she took my married name. I'm named on the mortgage and she is also named but under her maiden name. Is it a good idea to have her surname changed...