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    Getting a mortage in ireland while living in the uk

    To keep it simple. I live in England and i am considering buying a house off my mum. It was my grandparents and when they passed away it was given to her, however she is struggling financially and planning to sell the house. What kind of hoops and loops do I have to jump through considering I...
  2. P

    Broker Roles/Careers

    Hi, Would any brokers like to part with their experience or knowledge about the industry? I’m curious about the best bits, worst bits, how competitive the job market is for those starting out, and is there scope or demand for someone who might be looking at a part-time approach? Thank you in...
  3. D

    Family dispute over inherited house with right of residence

    I need help! I've lived in my house for 4 years with husband and 2 kids. House was left to husband, 1 brother, 3 sisters in will. 1 sister is intellectually disabled, has a right of residence in the will but is in permanent respite. Brother and sister have own houses. 2 sisters living abroad for...
  4. F

    30yo - pay off mortgage or pension

    Hi all, Age:. 30 Spouse’s/Partner's age: 30 Annual gross income from employment or profession: 40,000 Annual gross income of spouse: 35,000 Monthly take-home pay: 2500 + 2300 Type of employment: e.g. Civil Servant, self-employed: private sector In general are you: (a) spending more than you...
  5. A

    Mortgage preparation

    Hi all, I'm new to the group and have found it very helpful, I hope I'm posting this in the correct section, I'm hoping to buy my first property in possibly the 2nd half of next year, I will be looking at houses in the 230k price range and I have 30k in savings with my credit union, I was...
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    What (if anything) Should I Change?

    Age: 31 Spouse’s/Partner's age: 32 Annual gross income from employment or profession: 130k (100k salary with approx 30k in bonus and shares) Annual gross income of spouse: 50k (took a decent pay decrease recently but long term will be higher) Monthly take-home pay: not 100% sure but probably...
  7. M

    We have 25k do we just pay off mortgage given the unstable markets forecast

    Hi We have 25K to spend, we were going to invest it but given the future of the economy with the coronavirus we have decided to lump sum, pay off our mortgage. I think we should save money in the long term and what we save will be the reward in the end. We have no car loans or personal loans no...
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    Getting a mortgage with covid wage subsidy

    hi all I am looking to get a mortgage, my employer has the wage subsidy scheme. I called into aib today and they said I couldn’t get a mortgage if my employer is paying part of my wages with the scheme. does anyone know any banks that are accepting clients that are on the scheme Thanks for the...
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    Directors pension or pay off mortgage

    I own a business and there is approx 150,000 that I can take out of the company annually. I have a very high mortgage that I want to use the funds to reduce/clear. I'm trying to work out if it is a better idea to (a) pay the maximum I can into a company pension each year, draw down at 50 and...
  10. A

    Trading up

    Hi there. Me and my wife are thinking about trading up in 2019. We bought our home in 2015 for 51k and have renovated and done as much as we could to make it a lovely but small home. We have a 2 month old baby and we have realized fairly quickly that it is going to be quite cramped so we are...
  11. J

    Taking banks to high court?

    Has anyone taken any of the banks to the high court with regards the redress compensation as of yet and won or lost?
  12. E

    probation in new job

    Hi all, I have an underwritten aip with a house address assigned and all documentation supplied. the aip has a condition of getting my probation signed off before the bank will offer full loan offer letter. My question is : Can they change this to a condition of drawdown as we need the loan...
  13. J

    Bank of Scotland Tracker mortgages transfered to Pepper Finances

    Just got a letter in the post saying this. Any thoughts anyone? I've never even heard of pepper a week ago. Would love feedback. Cheers, Justin
  14. M

    equity release refused, alternative options for mortgage

    I’m hoping to buy a parcel of land on which to build a house. I’ve consulted with the planning authority and there are no planning issues so a grant of planning permission is most likely. I want to buy the site prior to obtaining planning permission. However, the banks won’t give a mortgage for...
  15. K

    Son buying family home at reduced price

    We have only the one home where we and our son live permanently. We were late onto the property ladder and have a mortage until the age of 70. If we decide to retire at age 60, can we sell the house to my son at the value of the remaining 10 years worth of the mortgage without tax issues, etc...
  16. P

    Switching products within Ulster Bank - any costs?

    Hello, this may seem like a silly question but...I'm considering switching my 3 year current mortgage with Ulster Bank to a different package they offer because it has a lower rate than my current one and they are offering me to waive the penalty if I did so. However I am not clear as to whether...
  17. C

    Mortgage TRS

    Hi guys Is mortgage TRS (tax relief at source) being phased out from first Jan 2018? Thanks
  18. H

    CGT liability if my ex spouse sells our former family home

    My wife and I bought in 2007 and our mortgage is on a tracker rate. We have two teenage children. The house is finally in positive equity though there is still a substantial mortgage outstanding (330k over 20 years). Having decided to separate I moved out of the house but continue to...
  19. D

    Can I buy a % share of my mothers house?

    Hi, I was wondering if you could advise me. My elderly mother owns and lives alone in her 4 bed family home in South Dublin, she has no mortgage and has been living in the house for 45 years. She wants to downsize and at the same time I want to buy a house for my family as we have been renting...
  20. J

    Holding Deposit paid, Price Increase allowed?

    So we put a holding deposit on a house in August 2016 to secure a property we were interested in, due to complicated Planning issues, the contracts are now only ready to be issued. However, as a result of the developer being hit with charges to finish the estate (ex NAMA estate) he has risen the...