life insurance

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    Life Life insurance - genuine mistake, what next?

    I have taken up life and mortgage insurances earlier this year with the same insurer. I have a breast check scheduled soon and my GP suspects I have cysts. So recently I have re-read the policy documents and got worried that they may refuse to pay if I die of breast cancer – I have realized...
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    Mortgage Protection Insurance or Life Insurance?

    Hi all, My husband and I have been approved in principle for a mortgage and are getting all our ducks in a row to hopefully buy once we can view houses properly. We've been quoted prices for Mortgage Protection as well as Life Insurance, and also Life and Serious Illness Protection Cover, and...
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    New Mortgage Life Insurance / Mortgage Protection

    Just received mortgage approval for a new mortgage and found a house that we both want to purchase. The mortgage will be in both names - so I assume we need to have a joint life insurance policy? We both have existing life insurance policies albeit not for the same term of the mortgage. What...
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    Cancelling Life insurance

    Can I cancel my life insurance that I got when I took out my mortgage? And if I can and do, can I get another one, say in a year? Thanks
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    Life Getting married soon - do I need life insurance?

    I've been looking into life insurance, should anything random happen to me. I would want my future spouse to be looked after. I currently have no will or anything either. Any advice? moneybadger