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    Tenant moving partner in

    Hi All, We rent a room to a girl in our primary residence, signed a lease agreement etc. The girl asked if her boyfriend can stay over now and again before any lease was signed etc and I said no problem. It seems that he is living in the room constantly now. He stays there when she goes to work...
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    PTSB PTSB tracker with split mortgage looking to lease

    My partner and I purchased our home in 2007. After years of struggling to meet our payments on an unmanageable interest rate we were delighted to discover we were part of the PTSB redress scheme a couple of years ago where we were rightfully put on a tracker rate of ECB + 1.1%. Prior to that we...
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    Notice of rent review issued before lease expires?

    Hi all I own a property which is let out and being managed by a letting agency. As I am now approaching the end of the first 24 months, I have asked my letting agency to give 90 days notice to the tenant that the rent will be increasing (which would mean an increase from say mid July given...