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    KBC Mortgage: Renting out home

    I am moving in with my partner into his house, and renting out my old home which has a mortgage with KBC (10 year fixed with 8 years remaining). I am thinking of renting out this property. If I notify KBC that I am moving out / renting, will they attempt to put me on BTL rates? I wouldn't notify...
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    KBC updated T&Cs

    Hi All I recently received an email from KBC to say they are updating their T&C for personal banking. Just wondering is there any big changes for an extra current account holder, credit card user and extra regular saver. One change I spotted is. In addition if you fail to lodge the monthly...
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    Minimum Valuation price

    I was just approved for a first time buyer mortgage for 267850 with KBC - my income is 76k. I have about 130k in savings. One of the conditions is puzzling me - Prior to drawdown of the loan, a valuation must be carried out on the property being purchased. The valuer will be appointed by KBC and...
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    Unknown KBC bank phone calls - in bound phone list

    Son has account with KBC - he received multiple phone messages in May this year to phone the bank. When he did phone back, the bank claimed the calls were not from the bank. When he asked them to check again, they reverted to say he should provide an ‘in bound’ call list. His mobile provider...
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    KBC customer service

    was thinking of moving to KBC as my main bank .., but rethinking... Friend gave multiple examples of bad customer service when issues arise .., - unknown credit card charge on account - bank lost details of phone calls / post / emails and only found when official complaint lodged - episode...
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    Consent to rent on original PTSB tracker, but can we switch our variable???

    Hi All I'm new to www.askaboutmoney.com, so please forgive any oversights on expected format. My wife and I purchased a house using a PTSB tracker @ 3.25%+ECB back in 2008 (perfect timing, I know!). Due to a windfall, we then managed to buy a new house in 2014 using an expensive PTSB variable...
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    KBC KBC statement re Tracker rates, PDH V Buy to Let

    Hi All, I wish to ask about the statement KBC released on 20th Dec 2017 on their own website where they gave an update regarding the cohorts that they have admitted to so far. I am sure most have read it already but i have posted it below for those whom have not seen it yet. My case would...
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    KBC want me to use their current account

    The account is mainly for a discount on their mortgage product. I don't use it for any day to day purchases.
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    KBC withholding deposit account funds

    I opened a 12 month term deposit account with KBC in March 2017. Due to moving house etc I didn't receive any notification from them about my account - (I fully accept of course that it is my responsibility to contact the bank and inform them of my new address.) In any case, this meant that I...
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    KBC KBC the lost cohort deemed "not impacted"

    Just setting up this thread for anybody that current have lodged formal complaints with KBC about not being impacted but they drew down after November 7th 2006 . Have you received any progress reports ? Did you request all of your data and how is this going ? Have you progressed your case...
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    KBC KBC - redress amounts confirmed?

    Hi, just wondering if anyone who is due redress payment from KBC has had their redress amount confirmed yet? Aware that all redress payments are due by end June. Would be interested to see if letters of confirmation of final lump sum redress amounts have started to go out to any in-scope...
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    Fixed rate switcher- KBC 10 year 2.95% or UB 4year 2.6%?!!

    2 kids in crèche (ages 1.5 and 3.5)/ we are 39 and 38/ both wife and I working with 40k salary each/funding DC pension AVCs in full to 20%/ total retirement savings about 480k/ no debt/ 23k cash savings/ interested in FIRE so still want a cash cushion built up for the next bear market Currently...
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    KBC TRACKER Problems getting information/statements

    Hi ll Anyone else having problems obtaining historic mortgage statements FROM KBC. 4 phone calls, 4 promises and three weeks later and still waiting to receive statememts on my tracker mortgage. What in heaven are they hiding.
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    KBC tracker - Need help

    Hi I'm new to this tracker scandal debacle. Because I never moved to a fixed rate from my tracker, I assumed I was not affected. However after contacting KBC yesterday, I have been informed that my tracker mortgage is within the review of the central bank. No other information or answers to...
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    Owner occupier to buy to let

    Theoretically: Someone buys an apartment, gets KBC flexi annuity 1% over ECB rate then fixes for three years. Mortgage should have reverted to tracker after 3 years but was moved to SVR. Owner subsequently moved out and became landlord. Property was now buy to let and bank moved owner to very...
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    KBC moved me to investment mortgage of 5.44%

    Apologies if this is the wrong forum, but wondering if anyone has advice on this Bought house for 157,500 in 2005 FLEXI ANNUITY mortgage, at 2.69% fixed for 12mths then up to 3.44% payments per month 637.99. In 2010 rented out the house, they found out as tenant posted back correspondence to...
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    KBC Sets aside compensation money

    Interesting article in Irish Times http://www.irishtimes.com/business/financial-services/kbc-sets-aside-money-to-compensate-overcharged-mortgage-customers-1.2969367
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    Selling home in neg equity

    Hi I have a home valued at best around e145,000 with e50,000 negative equity - mortgage with KBC (e195,000). It was a starter home and I'd like to dispose of it now and buy modest family home. What is the best path for selling the house and dealing with negative equity. I understand negative...
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    Mortgage Application and Old Credit Card

    Hi all, I'm applying for a mortgage with KBC, and they have queried an old credit card which fell into arrears back in 2012. I did clear it off, and closed the account with BoI. I was living out of the country at the time, and didn't realise until a few months after the account fell into...
  20. M

    In Negative Equity but looking to Move...

    Hi All, Looking for advice on Negative Equity trade up scenario. I did post on the same topic here about 1.5 years ago and I was advised to sit tight, which I did :) Here is high level breakdown of our current situation. - Outstanding KBC Mortgage on 3 Bed Semi in Kildare - €228K - Current...