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    Change apartment hot water system

    So I have an apartment in Dublin city centre that was built some time in the 90s. The sitting room has an electric storage heater and the bedrooms have standard electric heaters. The water system consists of a hot water cylinder and a cold water tank with a ballcock. The water is heated...
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    Heating controls upgrade - Contractor issues

    Hi all, My issue relates to the plumbing contractor we chose for upgrading the heating controls and replacing our slowly failing boiler. On our first interaction the contractor specified that he would not be providing an electrician and I would have to get one myself. We both agreed the price...
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    HW/HWCH Switch

    Hi guys This might be a really silly question but I have a gem superior 95 boiler in the house. There is a green switch on it which says HW on one side and HWCH on the other side. Just wondering what is this for,its currently set at the HW. Thanks
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    rads for attic conversion

    if you are getting a small rad installed at the same level of the cold water tank in the attic conversion, do you need a pressurized system? one crowd had given us a quote without mention of a pressurized system and the other insists it is needed.... any advice, thanks
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    Solar power: Thermal and PV

    I was recently considering getting solar thermal: I reckon in warm months it will mean switching off the gas for 6 months. Our back roof is perfectly south facing with good angle. So from say May until October we could simply turn off the gas boiler which we currently use for pumped shower...
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    Are infra-red heaters any good?

    I'm converting a small barn into an office. While researching heating options I came across infra-red heaters. These heaters seemingly heat objects in the room (walls, furniture, people) rather than heating the air and as such are considered to be particularly suitable for old stone-walled...
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    Cost of Triple Glazing existing windows

    We are in a 4 bed semi D we purchased last year and had a question on triple and double glazing windows .Existing windows are old and some of them have most likely a very high U value and poor insulation ( The u values has some of the windows u values between 2.7 and 4 as per an old BER report...
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    Heating system losing pressure...

    hi, we have a problem with one rad not heating (last couple of months) and boiler losing pressure (only discovered this over the weekend). We repressurised to 1.5 bar yesterday and it went down to 0.5 overnight. We refilled again and will check if this has changed in the morning. The questions I...