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    GDPR issues for an online BMI calculator...

    Creating an online BMI calculator that'll store details like email, height, current weight, goal weight, age, sex on a server. What exactly are my GDPR/Legal obligations with regards to this information? The idea is that the user receives a BMI reading from their details along with a fitness...
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    Data Protection Commissioner decision - challenge in court

    Son received a decision from DPC to a long running complaint he had about data protection issues with a financial services provider. The case was 4 years with the DPC and significant additional data was released after the DPC intervened. However they didn’t get the actual important data that we...
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    Bank direct debit - virgin Media

    What is procedure for broadband / tv company to record an IBAN for direct debit ... VM say they processed this by phone and have no physical record. They say I must process a gdpr Data Protection Act request. I thought they have to send a copy by post / email after ? What is the banking...
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    Avantcard Loans recorded on my ICB report as credit cards

    Title says it all really. I discovered that a couple of loans I have with Avantcard are actually recorded as credit cards. I only discovered this when I went to apply for a CC with AIB and they told me that I already appear to have some. I rang Avantcard asking why this was the case and stated...
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    FSPO complaint - GDPR non compliance by bank

    came across scenario where complaint lodged to FSPO and bank provides evidence from their files, that was not released / denied existed under Data Protection Act Request. How would the FSPO determine such a case ?
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    Comreg fail to investigate Eir

    submitted two complaints to Eir 1. Phone / broadband contract When I complained to Eir they disconnected service. They then sent bill for broken contract. We then complained to Comreg. They claimed they had similar difficulty in receiving any responses from Eir. They reassured us that the...
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    Gdpr Data Protection - bank of ireland

    has anyone made an GDPR/ Access Request under Data Protection Act to bank of ireland. The bank wrote had made multiple errors in operation of accounts. When I became suspicious , I decided to ask for data held. They immediately wrote to say they were closing accounts and those for my partner...
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    Consent Informed

    Hi team, Do you know if it's possible to ask someone to check if a Consent Informed template meets the Data Protection/GDPR or whatever requirements? By saying "ask someone" mean an official Commissioner or professional? Thanks
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    Do websites need SSL certification to be GDPR compliant?

    I can't find a definitive answer anywhere. Thanks
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    GDPR and Business

    Hi, As most likely you all already know, starting on 25 May 2018, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will become effective across all European Union member states. This is the biggest reform in data protection legislation since the Data Protection Act approved back 1995. What...
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    Looking for brokers (& fans of insurance) for an MSc survey

    Hi all: I'm working on an MSc considering how financial sectors with sensitive information - especially insurance - think about IT security in the current climate of multiple breaches, public distrust, and data protection regulation change. I'm interested in both the Life and general insurance...