1. G

    Why is ETF Income Tax 41% and standard Income Tax 40%?

    Hi there, ETF Income Tax is 41%. Why is this, when we only have two bands of Income Tax (20% and 40%)? Where does the extra 1% come from on the highest band to reach 41%? Thanks!
  2. F

    Returning to Ireland: UK & Australia Investments

    36 year old returning to Ireland in the next month having worked abroad in the UK & Australia for the last 15 years. The plan is to live in Ireland for the next 3 - 5 years and then return to Australia (where I will likely stay indefinitely as I'm now an Australian citizen). I have money with...
  3. G

    Selling ETFs and submitting a Form 11

    Hi there, I had a couple of question regarding the sell process of an ETF and declaring the gains. Should I file a Form 11 every time I sell my ETFs or they are deemed disposal? What about my tax return due before October? Should I put everything there or just file separate Form 11? Does this...
  4. T

    Are ETF's worth it considering Deemed Disposal?

    Hi, So looking at Vanguard S&P 500 (VUSA) via Degiro. . . The more I read on here the less I'm convinced it or any ETF is worth having, considering the Deemed Disposal rule here in Ireland. It sounds like over the LONG term this could be a Massive burden. If the investment grew Substantially...
  5. S

    ETF’s. Can I do this?

    Hi, I have found the contributions on this site very helpful and appreciate everyone’s efforts. I am Keen to invest in ETF’s from Ireland. I have a basic understanding of the tax process in regards the the deemed disposal. My question however is as follows. 1. If I plan to ‘trickle’ money...
  6. K

    Self-directed pension advice

    Hello all I would greatly appreciate any insight you can give me on the following: I am a self-employed writer with scalable income. I am looking to set up a minimalist investment pension using a low-cost ETF index approach, probably with a world equity tracker and bonds. Nothing fancy...
  7. L

    [Question] Best strategy to allocate my savings in ETFs

    Hello community, After lots of reading, I've decided to allocate my savings in ETF's, and would like your opinion. I'm 25y, with regular secure income, and have 5 months of emergency fund. Currently, I want to invest 25K EUR from my savings in ETFs (88% IWDA / 12% EMIM). However, I'm not sure...
  8. L

    Early Retirement: Non-EU accumulating ETF's or Pension Funds?

    Hello all, Looking for your opinion in my retirement plan below, if it makes sense, or if I'm totally wrong :) A quick introduction. I'm 25, have recently moved to Ireland, and want to start my retirement plan. Currently, I can save up to 50% of my salary (~2K EUR) monthly, and as a FIRE...
  9. S

    Advise to invest in ETFs

    Age: 35 Spouse’s/Partner's age: 30 Annual gross income from employment or profession: 52K Annual gross income of spouse: 0 Monthly take-home pay 3.2K Type of employment: Researcher, contract In general are you: I am saving 1K per month Not bought any house, so no...
  10. T

    Where to invest 60k (34yo married, 1kid, pension contributions maxed out)

    Age: 34 Spouse’s/Partner's age: 33 Annual gross income from employment or profession: E120,000 Annual gross income spouse: E120,000 Type of employment: Both private sector employees Expenditure pattern: Saving 6-7k a month Rough estimate of value of home: E370,000 Mortgage on home: E130,000...
  11. tax_moron

    How to deal with taxes when selling portions of your portfolio (for example, accumulating ETFs)?

    These are all hypothetical numbers.. I'm just hoping to better understand how all this works from a taxation perspective. For simplicity sake, we'll just use CSPX for this example, an accumulating ETF so no dividend taxes to worry about. If we make several arbitrary purchases of this over a...
  12. M

    Advice on tax efficient long term investing - Irish life assurance fund versus offshore US-based funds

    Hi, first time posting but frequent reader of this and other Irish forums on investing. I am looking for advice (professional/non-professional) on how to best invest a seven figure sum for the mid- to long-term for an Irish resident. It will be an investment for children that can stay invested...
  13. A

    ETF Investing While Living Abroad

    Hi all, I am an Irish citizen currently living in Canada. I am a permanent resident here but it is likely that I will move home to Ireland eventually, this could be 2 years down the line or maybe even 5+ years. I have a lump sum of about 50k euro that i want to invest and also want to start...
  14. D

    An Irish ISA?

    When is the Irish Government going to Introduce A UK Style Investment and Savings Account (ISA) for Ordinary People. In the UK, It is possible to save in a cash ISA, a stocks & shares ISA, an innovative finance ISA, a Help to Buy ISA, a Lifetime ISA or a mixture of all of them of up to £20,000...
  15. J

    Moving to Ireland - foreign investments taxes

    TL;DR - Czech citizen moving to Ireland, possibly for several years. How to legally avoid exit tax on ETFs (which I already invested in while in CZ)? Hello, I am a 23y/o student from the Czech Republic moving to Ireland in July for a 1 year long work internship. After that I am going to return...
  16. K

    Any accessible non-EU-domiciled ETFs?

    Do Degiro or other low-cost EU brokers offer any non-EU OECD or non-OECD funds that track the MCSI World Index or the MCSI Emerging Markets index? Or, are all such funds being removed due to not providing KIDs, same as US ETFs?
  17. D

    ETF Database

    Can you recommend a website that lists a large number of ETFs with revelant information and sorting functionality?
  18. N

    US Vanguard ETF or US Vanguard Mutual Fund?

    If you are a US citizen living in Ireland, are you better off investing new funds in a US ETF or a US mutual fund? Have an old 401k rolled over into Vanguard mutual fund but for new investments it seems that for Irish tax purposes, it is better to have it in a ETF? Thanks
  19. F

    Best current ETF stategy?

    Hi all I have 30-40k to invest medium to long term and would like to put it in a low cost index fund. I have opened an account with Degiro. Considering the current negative situation with US based funds what would be the best options? I was considering VUSD or VUSA. Anything else I should be...
  20. F

    Investment strategy

    Hi all I have 30-40k to invest medium to long term and would like to put it in a low cost index fund. I have opened an account with Degiro. Considering the current negative situation with US based funds what would be the best options? I was considering VUSD or VUSA. Anything else I should be...