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    Possibly over charged on Night saver Electricity meter due to incorrect time set on it.

    I have a Geothermal Heat Pump with underground coil heating system installed in a new build since 2008. I have found this a to be expensive during the harsh winter frosts and snow but very cheap in summer. Very recently a fault occurred and I got my regular servicer to replace part and fix...
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    Health Insurance First Time Health Insurance - ESB MPF

    Hi, I'm male and rapidly approaching my 35th birthday and I'm looking to take out my first health Insurance Policy, I have access to the ESB MPF policies and I'm wondering how do they compare to the other providers fro example Laya Control 600 Connect? I'm based in the west of the country A...
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    Low voltage connection. What are my rights?

    I live in a rural area at the end of a fairly long supply line, and I imagine I am sharing a transformer with some other houses. An electrician recently did an audit on my supply, and said I was getting very low voltage. He said when my 7.5KW shower was on, my voltage was dropping to 175, which...
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    Electric Ireland Apprentice Interview

    Last minute dot com I know but my son has been called for a first round interview for Electric Ireland Apprentice Interview tomorrow. Any hints/tips as to what can be expected. Regards Little Sis