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    Bank direct debit - virgin Media

    What is procedure for broadband / tv company to record an IBAN for direct debit ... VM say they processed this by phone and have no physical record. They say I must process a gdpr Data Protection Act request. I thought they have to send a copy by post / email after ? What is the banking...
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    FSPO complaint - GDPR non compliance by bank

    came across scenario where complaint lodged to FSPO and bank provides evidence from their files, that was not released / denied existed under Data Protection Act Request. How would the FSPO determine such a case ?
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    Gdpr Data Protection - bank of ireland

    has anyone made an GDPR/ Access Request under Data Protection Act to bank of ireland. The bank wrote had made multiple errors in operation of accounts. When I became suspicious , I decided to ask for data held. They immediately wrote to say they were closing accounts and those for my partner...
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    Data protection act- Section 4 access request

    does anyone know about requirement from data controller to require the requestor's postal address. The request is being made to a USA outlet shop in city and is being processed by their US based legal team. The requestor's provided identification proof and asked that she could collect the data...