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    Clawback Affordable Housing - upgrade works allowance

    Hi All Has anyone ever heard of a reduction in claw back figure , for works carried out on a affordable house. New energy efficient boiler, windows, insulation etc.. I taught seen something about it one time, but I could be wrong Or just hoping maybe ! Appreciate any input Tks J
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    Affordable housing - Clawback

    Hi Folks; Hoping someone with experience could help me out with this. There is some brilliant worked examples and advice on here but I cant seem to find one that fits my situation albeit some really close ones - just posting this as a sanity check and hoping someone can lend some expertise. My...
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    Can BOI enforce 2% clawback on pre-existing mortgages?

    Long time lurker, first time poster. Many thanks for Brendan and others for providing a very useful source of financial information. So my query is about BOI's clawback on their 2% cashback offer and how things now stand for people like me who took out mortgages before the rules changed earlier...