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    Avoid high CGT by moving to another country?

    I recently started investing and was really surprised (ok, not really) by the high capital gains tax rate in Ireland. Especially when it comes to ETFs. At 41% plus a "deemed disposal" every 8 years is just nuts and really kills your profits. So my question is quite simple, is it possible to...
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    Property Signed over to myself in the past

    Hi, I am a resident of Ireland and have been paying employment taxes since 2007. My parent's property which is located in Northern Ireland was signed over to me and wife's name in 2011 (via a solicitor) and estimated value back then was approx €85k - although no professional valuation...
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    Relative's foreign share sale

    Hi I've been asked for advice from a relative, and I just want to double-check things with people here. They sold some US-based shares last year. They sold more shares than they wanted to (they hadn't checked the share price before they sold) They want to buy back some of the shares (which have...
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    CGT on Sale of Foreign Property

    I am attempting to make a tax return /CGT for the disposal of a foreign property in Aug 2018. Previously I used an accountant to do the rental income but the charges for CGT are beyond my means. There is no tax to pay as I've made a capital loss. Not by much thankfully. I owned the property...
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    Capital Gains Tax on Site OVER 1 Acre

    I am in the middle of the planning process for what will hopefully be our home for my wife and I. We plan to build a bungalow on my Father's farm. The site is elevated and thus requires a 110m entrance roadway to access the location of the house itself. The result of this is that we have taken...
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    Capital Gains Tax on partial sale of site

    Hi Wondering if anyone can help with this query. We are looking a purchasing a house (this would be our primary private residence)which will be part funded by a loan from a family member. if we were to subsequently sell a part of the site (to build a house on) to the family member for the same...
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    CGT, Main Residence, Rented Out for a While But Moved Back In

    Hi, I am thinking of selling my house & have just learned that I may be liable for CGT. I bought in 2008 & lived there for 3.5 years but because I could not get work in Dublin moved to Cork for a few years. I am now planning on selling it but keeping it vacant for a few months for...
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    Pension property investment

    Happy New Year Greetings one and all - thank you kindly for great advice always... I am reading an article ‘pension property investment ‘ in Sherry Fitzgerald’s City & Country magazine - issue 66. Can’t find a link to share it here. Bottom line is that it recommends investment of pension...
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    Quick query on CGT on shares-investments

    Hi, I paste below in italic under points "A", "B" and "C" what I understood through this (excellent) forum as well. I have a query though: If I sell Share "A" at profit to compensate on the losses of share "B" on a CGT stand point this means that I cannot buy neither "A" nor "B" for 4 weeks...
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    3 examples of correct application of Bed-and-Breakfast rule for CGT on shares

    A) If I sell share "A" at profit I can sell it even after 3 days from buying it (I would need to declare profit). Then I can re-buy the same share anytime B) If I sell share "B" at loss I can declare loss against my CGT as long as I held it at least for 28 days. Then I cannot re-buy it again for...
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    Revenue's Cut (House Swap : Son's with Parents')

    Hi, Looking into doing a straight swap of houses with my parents and want to know how to avoid or minimise the tax owed to Revenue. CAT: I understand if it's treated as a gift both ways, there would be no CAT to pay on my parents' gifting their house to me as the property value is under the...
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    How do I put share losses against CGT?

    I have company stock which I sold in March this year, making a small gain. I also have old banking stock which will make a loss when I sell them. I know I can put any losses against the gain, so I should not have any CGT to pay. If I sell the bank stock now, can I apply this to the gains I made...
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    B of I shares certificate - where can I sell them?

    I have a certificate of shares in Bank of Ireland and I want to sell it. Pretty worthless but I want to sell so I can put the loss against existing CGT. - Who do I go to to have the shares sold? - For a shares certificate, can I sell a portion and retain some for the future? Thanks, B.
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    Help figuring out CGT

    Bought an investment property with a friend 13 years ago. Was my primary residence for 5 years. I believe the last 12 months can be written off, even if you're not living there. So, liable for 7 years. How do I calculate that? Can I write off the following, Purchase fees, solicitor etc...
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    CGT on selling Shares - Cost basis Exchange Rate?

    If I bought 100 US shares in the year 2000. Shares were $6 each. These cost me $600 then. I sell these today in 2018 @ $24 each. I get $2400. So I have CGT on what my profit of $1800. $600 in 2000 = 638 euros (1 USD = 1.0647) $600 in 2018 = 512 euros (1 USD = .85) But my question is: Do I...
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    HI, Looking for advise on now what seems to be a complicated matter... My father gifted a plot to build a house on to me and my wife back in 2005. There was no actual transaction though. We got planning and started building back in 2009 at a slow pace with things that were happening in the...
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    Is CAT tax payable on a sold German apartment owned for more than 10 years?

    Hi. I have another query, I'm afraid. If I have owned an investment property (small apartment) in Berlin for more than 10 years, and sell it, making a profit on the initial purchase cost, I understand that I don't have to pay any CGT/CAT in Germany. I am Irish and resident in Ireland But: 1...
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    Are fees for managing an investment portfolio tax allowable, and if so, how?

    Hi there. I wonder if anyone can answer this question? For many years, I've had an investment portfolio of shares, etc., managed for me (very well!) by an investment company. I draw a monthly income from the fund, usually from dividends and sometimes of necessity from the company selling off...
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    Investment Trust Conversion Shares

    F&C Managed Portfolio Investment Trust consists of two pools of assets - Growth and Income. Shareholders in either of the two pools are able to convert some or all of their shares into the other pool on an annual basis by notifying F&C. It is not a spilt capital trust. Each one has a unique...
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    Buying a house from a brother for less than market value

    If I were to purchase a house from my brother for 50% of the market value, my understanding is that I would have to pay gift tax on the difference. Does my brother also have to pay CGT on the difference, if though he makes no gain on the transaction? Thanks