cgt losses

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    Correctly filling in CG1 for RSU disposals/unallowable losses

    I have some questions about completing CG1 specifically for disposals of shares acquired as RSUs. Given vested RSUs don't have an associated acquisition cost, the cost basis is worked out by number of vested shares multiplied by market price at a particular time on the vest date, therefore is...
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    Eircom Flotation - CGT Losses - Valentia/Vodafone/Verizon

    Hi folks I am trying to determine the figures that I can use for CGT losses I made as a result of the Eircom flotation (1999). I have found the below three articles that have gone some way to help me, but I need clarification on one point, before I'm fully satisfied: A)...
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    Query: Selling property at a loss offset of losses vs PAYE

    Hi all I am selling an apartment that we lived in from 2007 to 2013, since then it has been rented out. It will ultimately sell at a loss of ~80k. I am wondering what’s the best way to deal with this from an offsetting perspective. Any help appreciated. If we sell a property in 2021 at an 80k€...
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    3 examples of correct application of Bed-and-Breakfast rule for CGT on shares

    A) If I sell share "A" at profit I can sell it even after 3 days from buying it (I would need to declare profit). Then I can re-buy the same share anytime B) If I sell share "B" at loss I can declare loss against my CGT as long as I held it at least for 28 days. Then I cannot re-buy it again for...
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    Can I apply anglo losses to CGT in current year?

    I made losses on Anglo Irish shares around 2006 which I have not put against any gains. Can I use those losses against capital gains I made this year?
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    How do I put share losses against CGT?

    I have company stock which I sold in March this year, making a small gain. I also have old banking stock which will make a loss when I sell them. I know I can put any losses against the gain, so I should not have any CGT to pay. If I sell the bank stock now, can I apply this to the gains I made...
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    CGT losses on shares received under staff profit sharing scheme

    Retired now, ex bank employee. Over the years I received bank shares issued under a revenue approved staff profit-share scheme at no cost. Also the value of these shares was set according to an approved formula for use in the event of selling later at a profit. They are of course now valueless...