central heating

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    Dual central heating

    Can anyone please advise if oil heating should make solid fuel stove get very hot when no fire is lighting? Had stove installed recently and I'm very concerned about this as small special needs person here. No reply as yet from the plumber.
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    Are infra-red heaters any good?

    I'm converting a small barn into an office. While researching heating options I came across infra-red heaters. These heaters seemingly heat objects in the room (walls, furniture, people) rather than heating the air and as such are considered to be particularly suitable for old stone-walled...
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    Is central heating leaking - please tell me no!!

    Folks, I have multiple problems with my Vokera Mynute 20e boiler. A burst expansion vessel balloon (venting water from recharge valve) and a leaking heat exchanger. I am probably going to replace the whole thing and get a powerflush on the 12 year old system. However a long-time nagging doubt...