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    Scratches on car, cost to fix??

    Hi all, I have recently scratches the whole right back door on my Nissan micra, has anyone any idea how much it might cost I’m literally so upset about it so any information will help me greatly. I can’t attach photos on here for some reason but it is about 25cm of white scratches from top to...
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    Living in Northern Ireland, buying a new car but will be moving to ROI within the next year - what import/tax am I subject to?

    Hi all, I'm currently a student living in Belfast, since 2017. I'm graduating soon but have a one-year paid placement in Newry (NI) starting in July. Long story short my trusted mechanic suggested I sell on my current Renault Clio (not worth paying the repairs when I'll have to pay over 2k in...
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    Buying a used car from the UK.

    My trusty 2006 Honda Jazz has 120,000Km on the clock. However, the maintenance costs and tax are going sky high, so I finally have to replace it. My intention is to buy a UK import. I've seen six- and seven-year-old cars on importers' web sites for €7000–8000. They seem to be in very good...
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    Motor Car insurance claim timeline

    Hi, I'm a bit green about these things so forgive my basic questions. I was involved in a small car accident on Saturday. The other driver admitted it was their fault. My car had some damage and the quote to fix was ~€1050. I rang my insurance firm today and reported the incident to them. The...
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    Car rear-ended

    My car was rear-ended earlier today at a junction, minor scratches to back bumper and a small crack on the underside of the bumper near the exhaust, along with cracked reg plate holder. The woman who bumped into me admitted she was at fault and wants to avoid going through insurance. I've no...
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    Financing for adapted vehicle

    I have been granted the primary medical cert, meaning a new/used car will be exempt from tax and VRT, taking into consideration the cost of the adaptions. We've decided to go the new car route as it allows me to get the car specifically built to my needs with a lot of extra equipment that will...
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    Double Parking Q

    Hi guys; Just quick question...the guards came to my door today and said my car was double parked on the town main street today and that they want to see my license and insurance. I didn't have it on me at home so they told me to hand in at the station tomorrow evening. I was double parked in...
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    english car in ROI -reg as D

    wondering what paperwork required. Owner lives in Kildare but would like a D registration! Can they use their sister’s address in the capital ?
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    Non Dublin car reg - second hand

    live in city. Looking at a second hand car in country garage. It’s two years old. Has county registration. Any negatives ?
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    Denied car insurance quote without a reason given?

    This is more of a curiosity than anything for me. Can insurance companies just not give a reason when they refuse to quote you? I just tried to get a quote from and they would not quote me. I'm driving 20 years with a clean license, no penalty points or claims and I got a message...
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    Personal injury - settlement talks

    can anyone explain how settlement talks normally work out. Case passed Piab- as two road accidents personal injuries occurred within less that 24 months . Now solicitor says settlement talks arranged outside court for a particular time. Does this mean case could be settled ? Insurer admitted...
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    Best 7 seater fuel type

    Hi I'm looking at buying a new 7 seater. I currently have an old diesel one which I find great. The thing is I don't know what type of fuel I should be looking at for a new car. Are hybrids the way to go? Electric? I want to keep any new one for a few years... any advice? Ta
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    anyone got any info/help reqarding road disqualification lengths

    In Ireland lets say 10 years ago if you were disqualified from driving for lets say 8 years you were legally obliged to serve 4 years (half of the full disqualification) which meant in 4 years time you can apply and drive again. at some point in some year from 2010 on-wards this changed. By...
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    Working for Lidl as a Junior Project Manager?

    Hi All, Quick one if anyone has any information. I am interviewing for a job as a Junior Project Manager for Lidl (Construction Side). On paper it looks like a great opportunity, Healthcare, 42k a year, pension after a year and a fully expensed company car. I am wondering from anyones...
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    Dangerous defect in a car, my rights?

    Hi All, I bought a 08 car from our local garage about 10th of September. After about 3 weeks, I noticed that the lights were turning off intermittently while I was driving. The garage tried to fix it, but it happened again 3 times last week. They have tried to fix it again, but are basically...
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    Price of Honda Jazz car battery

    My garage told me that my Honda Jazz 1.2 (2006) needs a new battery. The battery has never been changed in the six years I've owned it. They're quoting €145 for a new one, saying it's a specialist battery. This seems excessive for a small car. I've read elsewhere that the electronics and other...