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    Single family car with two drivers

    Hi, Due to COVID we’ve decided to sell both cars and get one new upgfamily car instead. We have two separate car insurance policies but as named drivers in the respective policies. Question is, can we have a policy that allows both of us to keep our no claims and clean driving history? And drive...
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    Should I continue as a named driver or get insurance in my own name?

    I am 25 and in the process of buying my 1st car. I've held my full license for 2 years and have been insured on my parents car for the entire 2 years. No claims or penalty points. The cheapest quote I've had for my own insurance on this new car is circa €980. It works out much cheaper to...
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    Motor Benefit of named driver car insurance for young drivers

    My son and daughter both passed their driving tests over the past couple of years and are named drivers on my Aviva car insurance policy. However, both are now away at college coming home relatively infrequently. Having them as named drivers on my car insurance policy has increased the cost of...
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    Van Insurance - How much?

    Hi, I'm considering to purchase a commercial van for business however before choosing one, I would like to know what's the van insurance average? I'm a 2 years full irish license driver with a personal car and 2 years NCB. Thanks, Nemama
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    As cheaper the car is, the car insurance is cheaper?

    Hi, I've been told by a broker than new cars pay less car insurance fees because chances of breaking down are lower than a 5, 10 or 15 years old car. This makes sense. However as less value you give to your car, less insurance you would pay, that's right? Thanks
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    Car Insurance recommended 2018

    Hi, What car insurance would you recommend? I've been 1 year with XS Direct. The policy is about to finish on mid July. I've been getting a quote from it4women and it's been just crazy and I basically don't understand. No claims for a year and they're asking over 3k. Less than 10k km/year...
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    Wrong cars insured - married couple - how to fix?

    A few years ago, we had a third vehicle. On trading in one and selling another privately, the dealer registered the new car in my wife's name, so the next vehicle bought was registered in my name. This made little difference and we are both insured comprehensive and named drivers on each other's...
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    Foreign NCB

    Hi Is there any way that Irish car insurers are required to take account of NCB gained in other EU jurisdictions (France, Germany, Denmark, Romania)? If not, does anybody know of car insurers who do take this into consideration? thanks in advance