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    Where to invest 60k (34yo married, 1kid, pension contributions maxed out)

    Age: 34 Spouse’s/Partner's age: 33 Annual gross income from employment or profession: E120,000 Annual gross income spouse: E120,000 Type of employment: Both private sector employees Expenditure pattern: Saving 6-7k a month Rough estimate of value of home: E370,000 Mortgage on home: E130,000...
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    KBC KBC statement re Tracker rates, PDH V Buy to Let

    Hi All, I wish to ask about the statement KBC released on 20th Dec 2017 on their own website where they gave an update regarding the cohorts that they have admitted to so far. I am sure most have read it already but i have posted it below for those whom have not seen it yet. My case would...
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    Case study AIB Buy to let question

    Hi, I would appreciate guidance on what action I should take based on my circumstance below. Income details Net monthly (i.e. after tax)Full tiime 4200 per month I was made redundant in March 2018 and started a new job one month ago which is a full time position. Net monthly partner not...
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    First time buyer mortgage for residents abroad

    Hi guys, I'm looking for info regarding a first time mortgage for residents living abroad. myself and my husband are currently living in Australia and plan to move home in the next two years but want to start our mortgage now! Is it possible to get a first time buyers mortgage with a 10%...
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    I need a mortgage holiday while selling my buy to let

    Hi, I am an accidental landlord since middle of 2013. Bought in 2004. Always paid mortgage up to date, have overpaid by 120 a month last 5 years also. Renting to same couple since then, moved in with girlfriend and am now selling up. It's not sustainable. Property worth 350-380K, owe 250K...