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    Joint Mortgage - One resident in Ireland and one in the USA

    Hi guys, Looking for advice. I own a house in Dublin with my wife In Rathfarnham. The adjoining house is coming up for sale. Probably be around 600k. My younger brother, in his 20s, is living and working in Silicon Valley. He earns 165k a year (dollars). We earn about 130k euro joint and have...
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    EBS rate changing to Buy-to-Let

    Looking for advice. Moved for work in 2017, let out my house and I am now renting. Changed my details with EBS and ceased TRS with Revenue. Never missed or late with payments. House is in negative equity. I went to EBS branch near work in Dec 2018 and spoke with mortgage advisor about my...
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    33 years old .. Invest savings in rental property?

    Hi, I am 33 years old and have a large lump sum saved up. I am currently working abroad (not an overly secure job) and probably looking to come back home to Ireland in next 2-4 years. I am looking to invest half of the lump some in a cash flow producing asset so when I return to Ireland I...
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    Refinance a property to complete another property

    Hi, I currently have a building that is rented out for 1500 Eur per month and performing very well with a value of approximately 140K. There is no outstanding mortgage but I would like to remortgage to enable the completion of a build that was never completed by previous owners. The estimated...
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    What happens to jointly owned BTL after I declare bankruptcy?

    Hi all, I own a BTL with a friend - 50/50. What will happen to the property after i declare bankruptcy? Will the OA most likely sell 'his half' to my friend - or just let the loan wind down over the next 15 years or so? Cheers!