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    Best Buys pinned Thread for online stockbrokers please?

    I feel as all this optimism on world economy is going to burst sooner or later. I think one creditor will start getting tough (e.g. italian economy going to need help etc?) and then domino effect might start. I still feel the pinch of Northern Rock's case roughly 10 years ago that resulted on...
  2. J

    First time buyer question - broker or bank?

    im sorry if this has been done a million times before but me and my partner are hoping to get onto the property ladder very soon (personal circumstances are changing in a month making our borrowing power much stronger) so I'm doing some research while it comes to that time. I want us to be as...
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    Pension Funds - US equities

    Hi All, Would anybody know if Pension funds that invest in units are subject to Dividend withholding tax of 15% on distributions within the fund on US equities the same way normal US share dividend distributions are? I am aware pensions are personally tax deferred until retirement age, but my...
  4. C

    Loan Amount Refused - Broker Next?

    Hello. I recently applied direct to EBS for a mortgage. I was refused the full amount although it is very unclear why I was refused. I chose EBS based on rate, cashback and the fact that we are existing customers. I think I need to speak to a broker. Is it possible to receive a recommendation...
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    First time buyer mortgage for residents abroad

    Hi guys, I'm looking for info regarding a first time mortgage for residents living abroad. myself and my husband are currently living in Australia and plan to move home in the next two years but want to start our mortgage now! Is it possible to get a first time buyers mortgage with a 10%...