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    Leaving Debt in Ireland

    Hey all, So I'm new here but have wanted to post and ask this for a while. Has anyone ever walked away from debt in Ireland and what are the consequences? My partner and I moved to Canada near the end of 2016. We had taken out a loan of €15,000 6 months prior to get set up in Canada. We paid...
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    Re-mortgage of Irish property while living abroad

    Hi - a relative of mine lives abroad (in Europe but not the EU) and has an apartment in Dublin that's rented out. She spoke to AIB a few weeks ago inquiring about re-mortgaging, and the AIB person told her that it wouldn't be a problem living abroad, all she would need was a credit check from...
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    Death of a co-borrower and enforced Insolvency, engaging doesn't work

    I hope this doesn't become a rambling tome but I'll try to make this as short as possible. My father was co-borrower on my mortgage and died in 2011, I started talking to the bank in May 2013 about the potential for difficulty with making repayments and how I'd like to try to come to some...