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    KBC customer service

    was thinking of moving to KBC as my main bank .., but rethinking... Friend gave multiple examples of bad customer service when issues arise .., - unknown credit card charge on account - bank lost details of phone calls / post / emails and only found when official complaint lodged - episode...
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    FSPO complaint - GDPR non compliance by bank

    came across scenario where complaint lodged to FSPO and bank provides evidence from their files, that was not released / denied existed under Data Protection Act Request. How would the FSPO determine such a case ?
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    BOI Data Protection Act - Section 4 request

    Long story short - brother’s son submitted a DPA access request to my local bank branch in 2016. They did not acknowledge but sent a letter to him saying all his student bank accounts - current, credit card, student loan - would be closed in 2 months and that he should make alternative banking...
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    Bank loan - non return of calls or records

    Extended family member has term loan with bank. They closed her current and credit card accounts last year as she has number of previous and current complaints with FSO- indeed, all previous complaints were settled in her favour. Her loan account has balance outstanding in range 4000 euro. The...
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    Do any banks take bonus and commission into consideration when applying for a mortgage?

    My wife and I are trying to get a mortgage for our first home. We have our deposit of around 20k. I work as a Salesperson and 30% of my salary is commission. My P60s show that I have earned way above the basic plus commission every year, but do any banks take this into consideration? We are...
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    Buy property in Spain by getting Irish mortgage with Irish property as security?

    Hello, I owe an apartment in Dublin. I am now trying to buy a house in Spain but it's very difficult for non-residents (and an extra 5k upfront just in mortgage registration fees). Would I be able to get a mortagage from an Irish bank by using my Irish apartment as a security? The 2 properties...
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    Money Transfer to UK

    I need to transfer money to the UK giving same day value to the recipient. What are my options? I have already converted the cash to sterling on Currency Fair.
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    Aib or EBS cash back which is better

    we are applying for a mortgage. We currently have in the region of 200,000 in savings and are looking at houses up to 450,000. Ideally we are hoping to have a Ltv less than 50% by getting a house for the region of 400,000 but we could fall short of that If we have to go to as high as 450,000...
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    30 years old no pension

    Hello, So I am 30 years old with no pension. Have around 70,000 and should have 100,000 to 110,000 by the end of year. My plan is that: I am starting a pension this month. My company will pay in 5% and I'll pay 5% in myself.should I add more? Was going to invest 25,000 through a financial...
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    Advice regarding Tracker Mortgage

    Hi all, This topic seems to have been covered extensively, and every person has different experiences. My situation, I was approved for an UB tracker in 2004. I subsequently purchased a house in Munster which at the time I intended to live in. In the end I only lived in my house a very short...