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    Small pension and return on AVCs.

    I have €2,000 that came from matured Savings Certificates. If I spent it on buying AVCs would it make a noticeable difference to my final pension? I'm in my early 60s, public service and would like to retire soon, although my annual pension will be very small until I reach state pension age.
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    Where to get independent advice about public sector pensions

    I joined the public sector in 2017 and so automatically joined their Single Public Service Pension Scheme. However, I was told that the benefits I receive under this are inferior to what they would have been if I had joined the public sector many years earlier. So I have been advised to purchase...
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    Over-Contribute to Pension; Compounding Benefit?

    Hopefully someone can clear up something for me … I am 41, so I can contribute 25% of my gross salary to a pension and get tax relief on it. This tax relief will be at my marginal rate, i.e. 40%. The general advice would be that maximising one’s tax relief allowances is very tax-efficient so I...