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    Bank Mortgage Document Request

    Does anyone know how I can get the original mortgage documentation for my residential home from the bank? I asked them to send me the documents but all they sent was a single page with the details of the current mortgage on it. Is there something specific that I need to request? My ex-wife has...
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    US Visa - European and Non-European

    Hi, There are several websites to apply for the US Visa. I didn't know that it's required to pay for it. Is there any website where the application is free? Also, the process for applying for VISA is the same either if you're an European citizen or not? Thanks
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    Future risks in mortgage acceptance if signing onto welfare allowance for a short period

    Hi Quick ? I'm currently a sole trader but have been going through a separation with my wife for the past while. The work understandably has dried up, and I wasn't as focused as I should have been on it because of the maelstrom I've just gone through. I have 4 children, and am in need of...