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    Ulster Ufirst .10% Discount - 'To appeal or not to appeal? That is the question!'

    Hi All, Hope you can advise me on the pro's/con's of keeping a UFirst account for inclusion with my Appeal to the Independent Secretariat? I drew down a .85% margin tracker in Jan 2007 and fixed for 5years in June 2007. UFirst account closed in 2011. Should I request the closure of this...
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    AIB Filling out Tracker Appeal form - deceased co-borrower

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone knew who signs or if it's necessary to have someone sign the appeal decalaration in place of a co-borrower who is dead? I can't find anything on this. Thank you
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    Parking fine appeal

    Does anyone have experience of appealing a parking fine in Cork city? I parked in front of a sign rather than behind the sign, no road markings to demarcate the start of the permitted parking area. I took pictures one the day and also pictures of other areas where similar parking is permitted...