1. RSheila

    Son (18) - will his income affect my Jobseekers Allowance?

    Hi all. My son is 18 and just finished his leaving cert. He has got a full time job starting on Monday. I work three days per week and receive a reduced rate Jobseekers Allowance. I know that from September I would no longer be getting the dependent child allowance (€40 pw), however I am...
  2. N

    Jobseeker´s Benefit/allowance vs Sole trader

    Hi, Are you entitled to keep getting the JB/JA at the same time than setting up as sole trader? If not, what other alternatives do we´ve got? Thanks, N
  3. J

    Job Seeker Allowance over 62

    What is the position for those on Job Seeker Allowance and over 62 years . Do you get paid directly to bank and only have to sign once a year . Do they still check you that you are looking for work etc ?