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    AIB Unsuccessful tracker redress appeal

    Hi all, I got my response and it was unsuccessful but one thing has stood out and I was wondering would anyone think it was worth following up on? There's a line in the letter that says if they had offered the tracker rate in 2012, it would have been the same or more than the variable rate at...
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    AIB Tracker Panel offers oral hearing on AIB prevailing rate issue

    Hi Brendan I am one of the 6000 AIB customers with the 4.3 clause in my contract and received the 1615 compensation. I began my appeal in July 2018. On Friday 12th July 2019 I was been offered an oral hearing by the tracker panel. I did not request this hearing. Do you know anyone who has...
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    Transferring euros from Aib to Lloyds sterling

    Hi Folks First time poster here so apologies if incorrect forum etc I have an account with AIB with about 15k in it (old job in Ireland etc) Now am living in the UK and I was wondering what was the cheapest/safest methods in getting the money to my Lloyds Sterling current account So I was...
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    Switching my Current account - AIB vs EBS? Appreciate any advice...

    I have decided to switch my current account to another bank. I have either AIB or EBS in mind. I wont be using apple pay, google pay etc. I dont want credit card. I have N26, Revolut, Skrill prepaid cards. This current account would be used to receive my salary, grocery shopping, online...
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    AIB Charlie Weston: 'Tracker redress scheme far from finished, contrary to what banks would have us beli

    Charlie Weston has a good piece in yesterday’s Sunday Independent referencing the AIB 3.69%ers and Brendan Burgess Check it out here is case you missed it...
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    AIB Filling out Tracker Appeal form - deceased co-borrower

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone knew who signs or if it's necessary to have someone sign the appeal decalaration in place of a co-borrower who is dead? I can't find anything on this. Thank you
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    Debt in Ireland, living in UK....Please help!

    I moved to the UK in March to be with my other half who is English. However, in doing so I left behind me: Credit Card Debt - 1000euro Overdraft- 1000euro AIB Loan - 3265euro Chill Money - Approx 8000euro The two loans I have been paying steadily for a number of years and relate to college...
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    Avantcard Loans recorded on my ICB report as credit cards

    Title says it all really. I discovered that a couple of loans I have with Avantcard are actually recorded as credit cards. I only discovered this when I went to apply for a CC with AIB and they told me that I already appear to have some. I rang Avantcard asking why this was the case and stated...
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    Taking banks to high court?

    Has anyone taken any of the banks to the high court with regards the redress compensation as of yet and won or lost?
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    Mortgage application; 1 income, family of 4

    Hi everyone, just wondering can anyone give some advice on our situation. We have 2 kids and my partner is staying at home minding them. My salary is 44k (including overtime and bonuses). We had a meeting with our bank (aib) and they said that we fall short of the net disposable income for a...
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    Leaving Debt in Ireland

    Hey all, So I'm new here but have wanted to post and ask this for a while. Has anyone ever walked away from debt in Ireland and what are the consequences? My partner and I moved to Canada near the end of 2016. We had taken out a loan of €15,000 6 months prior to get set up in Canada. We paid...
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    Aib think they are sorted! What about old conditions 2006 Manufactured rates eg 3.67% If they are sorted them why central bank open enforcement proceedings?
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    Dealing with Debt, General Advice & Opinions

    Hi Long-time loiterer of the forum(s), first-time poster. My situation is not in any way dire, at least not compared to that of other posts I have seen on here. I am however caught in what I deem to be the dreaded debt-cycle and have multiple "Lines of Debt" across various financial...
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    AIB approval in principle, but Ulster rejects because of unpaid credit card

    Hi I have been approved for a Mortgage with AIB emortgages after sending in all my paperwork. I also applied to Ulster Bank and they said I have an judgement against me for a Credit card bill that was repaid although very late. This is going back to 7 years ago when I ran into issues with my...
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    Aib Directors to be held to account

    Ed Sibley yesterday Rte Central Bank's Deputy Governor Ed Sibley confirmed in a speech that the bank was planning enforcement investigations against all of the country's main banks. But he said that individuals should...
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    CRS form AIB

    Hi. I'm Irish living in the UK and I retain a small AIB current account for use when home. AIB have issued me with a "Tax Certification Form for Personal Customers" which contains sweet-FA in terms of information, except that I should help them to comply with some USA FATCA and OECD CRS...
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    AIB flotation - expatriates

    I am an Irish citizen, now living in the Middle East (due in no small part to the collapse of the banking sector!). I payed taxes in Ireland for more than 30 years, including towards the bail-out of the banking sector. Now I find that having suffered the pain of the down-side I am excluded from...
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    Can I make irregular over payments on my AIB mortgage?

    Obviously over payments in and of themselves have been well covered in this forum but I am finding the process cumbersome with AIB and am curious to know if the situation is the same with the other Banks. My situation is: - Outstanding Mortgage of c.€164,000 with about 32 years remaining (of...
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    My options for dealing with debt

    Hi. I'm hoping for some advice on my options going forward to tackle my debt. Some background: I got four different loans over a four year period during the years I was in college to support myself (2019-2013). I was working also so was able to keep up the payments. However during my final year...
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    Aib or EBS cash back which is better

    we are applying for a mortgage. We currently have in the region of 200,000 in savings and are looking at houses up to 450,000. Ideally we are hoping to have a Ltv less than 50% by getting a house for the region of 400,000 but we could fall short of that If we have to go to as high as 450,000...