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    Self Employed - best lender for mortgage?

    You are in the very same situation as myself and my boyfriend, we are both self employed but contracted and have an existing mortgage with FActive. We have just put a deposit on a new house and we went to all FA and AIB by ourselves but they just said NO full stop. We went to a broker and...
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    car reversed in to my car

    You can definitley claim through MIBI. All you have to do is ask you insurance to process the claim through MIBI. Your insurance should deal with it and you should only be out of pocket (unfortunately) your policy excess instead of the original €440 fee to claim through MIBI. Also your insurance...
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    Car insurance claim

    Surley if you wanted to know an update so much on what was happening you would be following up on updates yourself. I know if I was in an accident I would call insurance company to follow up what was happening. Once you have sent in Accident form stating what happened the insurance company will...
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    Boden Heath or Knocklyon Gate?

    I agree with southsideboy, definitely would choose Boden Heath over Knockyon Gate. I have seen a few proprties in Knocklyon Gate that took months even up to a year or more to sell. I think Boden Heath is lovely, I viewed the show apts when they were on view and they were very nice indeed. Aslo...
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    Looking to purchase new house and hold onto existing property..

    Ok, House 1 (H1) is my PPR, we are living there 2 years, property is worth around €420k and existing mortgage is €300k. We are looking to upgrade now to House 2 (H2) which is worth €550k. I have €100k in savings to go towards H2 and we have already been mortgage approved for H2 as long as we...
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    Looking to purchase new house and hold onto existing property..

    Just a quick question.. We are looking to keep existing property and purchase a new property. We have mortgage on existing property and are looking to get another mortagage to purchase new property. Is it hard to keep one mortgage and get approved for another? Will there be stamp duty...
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    Apartment won't sell

    I also have my duplex on the emarket since October, no offers as yet and we have put 2nd depoit on new house. We are now trying to get back deposit as we cannot sell our own, but its really up to the buliders if they will or not. The market sems to be so quiet and I hoped it would pick up but is...
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    Copperfield, Stocking Avenue, Rathfarnham

    Just wondering if anyone who has bought here knows when the closing dates are for the houses?
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    Dalriada, Dublin 16

    I totally understand... it is pretty annoying when you see all graffiti everywhere and it does take the look out of knocklyon. Glad to hear that you still like some part of knocklyon though even if it is just memories of St Colmcilles...!!
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    Dalriada, Dublin 16

    God you are giving knocklyon an awful bashing.. I have lived all my life in knocklyon also and I love it. There will always be the odd one or two knackers wherever you go but apart from that knocklyon is fine. I wouldn't live anywhere else. In reference to Superquinn and the young lads hanging...
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    Can you get your deposit refunded if you have signed contracts and paid 2nd deposit?

    Hi all, I have put deposit on a property and was mortgage approved as long as we sell our existing property. We had to sign contracts on new property and give second deposit back in October but our existing property has not been sold and we have had no offers yet. Does anyone know if there is...
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    Copperfield, Stocking Avenue, Rathfarnham

    Were signing this week, we are also trying to sell our property and the market is very slow... I dont think our house in Stocking Wood will be ready until after Xmas so we are hoping thg that as soon as budget comes out I think things will pick up on the property market...hopefully! Have you...
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    Copperfield, Stocking Avenue, Rathfarnham

    We also put out name for 4 bed semi for €750. I really like them though but your right as in all the space is taken up by the bedrooms.. I thought it was just us as we are used to open plan living/kitchen area where we are now. Were going up tomorrow (Wed 04/10) again as they are on view again...