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    Where to buy house within 1 hour commute of Dublin

    Try and and look at Co. Louth. M1 motorway makes it very accessible to city
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    New Honda Civic

    Did she try a few dealers? I was getting a new Accord last year and wanted the same story about having to wait and then i made a few calls to other had that model/colour on order anyway and I got it the week after.
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    Peeling Paint - how to fix?

    Would this product work for the ceiling above the shower? Ventilation is not the best in the area and paint peels continuously. I asked for a solution in my local hardware store and just got anecdotal stories about how they all had the same problem! Thanks
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    Brokers that refund first years premium life insurance

    I can recommend John Geraghty at I have used his service twice in the past couple of years and he provides generous refund.
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    penalty points driving on hard shoulder?

    In the North, driving on the hard shoulder is an offence and you see it happening there than here. IMO it's a good idea, far too many people treat the hard shoulder as an extension of the road and it's very difficult for other drivers to know what they are planning to do. Plus it makes it safer...
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    Auctioneers Fees &

    I have heard some suggestins lately that the best way to overcome this is to agree a sliding scale of fees with the estate agent i.e. the higher the price they achieve, the better the %.
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    I have over €1000 of bank's money...

    Thanks for all the replies. I have drafted a letter as suggested by bond and was considering including a cheque 'in full and final settlement'. To be honest, I want rid of the money out of my account because I wouldn't spend it and everytime I look at my balance I think I'm rich...then I...
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    Best car insurance deal

    Get employer to write a letter on headed paper saying you need to get full licence for job and get test fast tracked. And practice practice practice to make sure you pass first time. You'll save a fortune on insurance then.
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    Manuka Honey

    I've heard people talking about this in relation to Irritable Bowel. Is there anything else it's recommended for?
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    I have over €1000 of bank's money...

    In Oct05 I visited my local friendly bank and signed a form to stop a direct debit for over €1000 due to go to a life assurance company. I also cancelled the insurance with the company. Payment was still requested, and the bank paid it out of my account. I kicked up, and four days later, full...
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    Buying items for house

    Slightly off topic but I have heard of people recently buying all appliances for a new house in one go from one retailer, and getting a significant discount i.e. the equivalent of one free. Any experience of this anyone?
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    Dealing with Estate Agents and Builders

    According to the Estate Agent, the builder is still 'deciding' what price tag to put on the house. So, if I call builder directly, am I not just going to indicate to him that he can charge what he likes? We have decided a max price that we are willing to pay for the house and will have to...
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    Dealing with Estate Agents and Builders

    I'm not sure that anyone will be able to help, but I'd appreciate any pearls of wisdom on the following situation... In early Jan, we noticed that an estate we were interested in has one house empty (with sale agreed sign outside) for the best part of a year while all other houses are now...
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    gas Bill

    Our 3 bed semi (we're out all day) costs average €50 per month ESB and €40 per month gas. Heating and fire are gas, everything else runs on ESB. Winter is higher obviously.
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    Selling house myself (without estate agent)

    I am putting my house on the market in the next month and am considering trying to sell it myself rather than engage the services of an estate agent. I have three agents coming to value the house next week but will probably take it from there myself and advertise in local press. Any...
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    New York?

    We went last year for the first time and the best experience of the lot was a helicopter ride round Manhattan. We got the 15 min one - that's loads of time to see everything and although it's pricey enough (can't remember exactly but maybe $70 each?), it had the real wow! factor! Liberty...
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    Key Post: The best coffee in Dublin ?

    Re: The best coffee in Dublin ? has a 10pk of Rombout coffee filters for €3.42. Expensive, but not half as expensive as stopping at Starbucks every morning!
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    Glass Shower Enclosures

    Thanks will try vinegar cause I felt like the Cilit Bang fumes could be dangerous.
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    Switch mort. protection insurance after discounted 1st

    In my case it was the opposite...additional time had elapsed since a serious illness so it was no longer relevant thankfully!
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    Glass Shower Enclosures

    I've used Cilit Bang a couple of times on mine. It works well to get rid of the marks but to be honest the pong off it nearly knocked me out in the ensuite (with door and window open).