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    Coming off fixed: rates offered

    Hi all I would really appreciate your comments, views and any advice you may have on the following rates that I have been offered by AIB:- Standard Variable 3.49% 1 year Fixed 3.59 2 year Fixed 3.69 3 year Fixed 3.89 4 year Fixed 4.19 5 year Fixed 4.39 10 year Fixed 5.2 Our...
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    Bits of grey in hair even after highlights

    Hi I always seem to have short grey hairs under my fringe even shortly after getting my highlights. They seem to just appear. Does anyone know if there is something that I could use to keep me going until I get my highlights done again? Something like a pen thingy rather than a box colour...
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    need replacement key Toyota Landcruiser

    Hi I need to get a replacement key & transponder for our Toyota Landcruiser. Any ideas where I should go to get this? I'm thinking that the car dealers could be expensive? regards JD
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    Didn't get planning permission

    Thank you all so much for your replies. I feel a little relieved after reading them. I think I'll get onto the planning dept and enquire in a general way if pp is needed to widen an entrance to a house to get cars in more easily. The last thing I want to do is to have us knock the wall down. JD
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    Didn't get planning permission

    Hi All We've just realised that we've made a stupid mistake. We knocked down a pillar outside our garden and built it back up again further to the left so that we could fit our cars in properly. My friend in work told me that we should have got planning permission for this. I know I...
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    Rose bushes has just died!

    Thank you for your comments. I'm going out now to have a look and will water and feed them so hopefully they'll be ok. There are a couple of dogs and cats in the area alright and that could be it as you say. I'll keep an eye on it. I'm getting into this gardening lark now...never was into...
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    Rose bushes has just died!

    I'm sure I looked at my flowers in my south facing front garden last week and all was well. Today I see that my rose bush looks as if it has died and my fern type plant is a brittle and dry as ever. Any advice would be appreciated - are they a lost cause do you think? It's funny how they have...
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    Is my washing machine plumbed wrong?

    why does the title refer to a washing machine instead of a dishwasher?
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    Estate Agent messing us around

    I take your point Mr Man. Never thought of it that way and I always wondered why the EA didn't tell me. Who knows. I took the quick and easy option to try to ensure less hassle for myself as the process is stressful enough as it is.
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    Estate Agent messing us around

    I told the estate agent that I wanted a quick sale and that I would be more than happy if I got the asking price. The man offered the asking price officially and then offered it again when he knocked on my door. He wasn't really getting a soft sale then I don't think? Maybe he had someone else...
  11. J

    Advice, opinions - stay on the variable roulette wheel or fix now?

    That sounds like a plan to me. You're over-paying your mortgage and this will knock years off the term if you keep paying the amount you're paying and the rates don't go up too much! I've 4.85% fixed for another year and wish I could do what you're doing.
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    Estate Agent messing us around

    I know this is a generalisation but I don't trust estate agents. I had 2 bad experiences when I was selling one house and trying to buy another house in the height of the Celtic Tiger (if that means anything). Regarding the sale of my old house: I had viewings and assumed that no-one was...
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    difference in interest by paying weekly instead of monthly

    Many thanks for all your comments. I'm with AIB and they're allowing me go to weekly repayments so I'll do that...every little helps. I'll try overpay my mortgage when I get out of my fixed rate in April 2011.
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    difference in interest by paying weekly instead of monthly

    Hi I'm thinking of changing from paying my mortgage from monthly to weekly because someone told me that you pay it off quicker that way (?) I tried to do the calcuation comparing monthly payments to weekly payments over say the term of the mortgage but I'm only getting a difference of approx...
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    Can I change payment frequency if on fixed rate?

    Hi/ I'm wondering if I can change paying my mortgage from monthly to weekly or fortnightly if I am on fixed rate? I know the more repayments you make means that you end up paying less interest and I have one more year left on fixed. thanks
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    When is Flash Forward back on again?

    Hi. Does anyone know when Flash Forward is back on again?
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    same No Claims Discount each year?

    Wanted to give you an update on this. I rang my current broker (Glennons). My current insurance is with Axa and they only give a max of 4 years.
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    Switching from fixed to variable - advice please

    which bank is offering you the tracker?
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    same No Claims Discount each year?

    Hi Wondering if you could help me. I've never claimed against my car insurance at all. Got my renewal form in the post with the NCD statement which shows 4 years without a claim. This is the same number of years as the NCD certificate for last year. Hope this isn't a silly question but I...
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    Free anti-virus

    Thank you everyone for your very informative replies. Much appreciated. J