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    Can you use printed eStatements for your mortgage application?

    I printed out AIB e-statements when getting a mortgage of BOI this year.
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    Employment after Physics BSc?

    What type of science degree did you study? Another good physics graduate employer over the years is Met Eireann - although again the posts are hard to get.
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    White smiles city deal offer

    I had this problem with a beauty salon that I had purchased a city deal for. THey were always busy, had no suitable appointments and were just generally unhelpful. I emailed citydeal and got a prompt response offering me a full refund!! City deal +1, that salon -100000 Have used citydeal loads...
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    Employment after Physics BSc?

    Hi, I am a physics grad few years out also but can echo what Clseeper said. Most of my class have moved into finance or related field given the high link between physics and maths. I know a few other who word in engineering style jobs in industry. There are very few jobs as a physicist - other...
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    Cash as a wedding gift

    +1 I think 100€ for a single and 150-200€ (depending on how close you are to them!!) for a couple is perfect.
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    Ideal mortgage applicant

    I've recently been through the process so here are my thoughts: Zero credit card debt? or better to have history of regular payment? Zero credit card debt, in fact zero debt at all, I've heard of people being told to pay off car loans before applying for a mortgage. I use my cc alot but its...
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    How close is guide price to selling price

    +1 It completely depends on how realistic the asking price is. We bought a house recently for 10% of its asking price at the time, but it was over 20% than its original asking price a few months previously. But we were outbid on other houses, some of which went for over their asking prices...
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    How much are we likely to qualify for?

    As far as I know banks will not take rental income into account any more for affordability, so I think you would struggle to get any mortgage.
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    Which banks are granting mortgages at the moment??

    We had good savings (over 20% of the house value). BOI gave us the full amount we asked for.
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    Which banks are granting mortgages at the moment??

    We got a mortgage from BOI in the last few months, so they are definitely lending. We also got loan letter from AIB and EBS but for much smaller amounts (probably 6 months ago).
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    How Online gambling transactions affect mortgage application

    On this topic, just saw the below a few days ago in the Times CANCEL THAT ONLINE GAMBLING ACCOUNT If you like the occasional flutter on the gee-gees, or more frequently put bets on the Premiership, it may be time to cancel your online gambling account and take a trip to your nearest betting...
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    Are Booking Deposits Refundable?

    Yes, one you have not signed contracts.
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    New credit card - same bank as current account

    Thanks cremegg. My only real reason for wanting to switch was the convenience of being able to keep an eye on my cc in the same on-line profile as my current account. So I think I'll leave good enough alone and not bother changing it to AIB.
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    New credit card - same bank as current account

    Hi. AIB recently talked me into applying for a credit card with them. I already hold my current account with them. This was all discussed over the phone and I was going close my MBNA cc (no significant balance transfer as I rarely use my cc). They posted me out a form but are now saying I have...
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    Interest rate increase Bank of Ireland

    Well mine was printed on Monday afternoon but I think it is slower leaving the bank after printing than I was led to believe....
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    Interest rate increase Bank of Ireland

    Mine got issued on Monday afternoon but had not arrived with solicitor as of yesterday evening anyway.
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    Interest rate increase Bank of Ireland

    It was ~10 working days ago that the cheque requisition went in. Hoping it gets sorted in today or tomorrow.
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    Interest rate increase Bank of Ireland

    I'm in the same boat - waiting for my BOI cheque to be issued any day now. Apparently if they are going to announce an interest rate hike they first try to issue any cheques pending. If there is a rate hike before cheque issue you will need to get a new loan offer which can delay things.
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    Likelihood of Succesfull Application?

    We recently managed to get a loan letter and my boyfriend is in similar circumstances to you. He is a postdoc with 4 years continuous employment with the same uni and has a contract for another 2 years. I have a permanent job so I'm sure that helped. Don't really know about your girlfriend's...
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    Fixing Portion of Mortgage

    Yes you can. Its called splitting the mortgage. BOI definitely offer this option currently and I know EBS offered it in the past, so I presume it is a standard option given by any lender.