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    Who to call if you put petrol in diesel car or visa versa

    Wrong Fuel Used Did this recently in my brand new diesel car car in west dublin...... The AA have a mobile roadside unit especially set up for people who do this. Even if you are not a member, I think they will come out and sign you up at the roadside. I think the service costs around 200...
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    How I am cutting my expenditure

    Great spreadsheet. Am in the frame of mind at the moment to save some money. Have just saved 120 per year by switching broadband - 60 per year on bin charges - just by phoning around. Have also registered with Board Gas for electricity for the big switch. Next steps will be VHI...
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    Move existing PRSA into Employers Scheme?

    Thanks Liam, great advice as usual. We have already been told that we can transfer in our prsa s as there are 5 of us in the same boat. I am actually thinking of leaving the prsa and paying in avc s as you say. Am not keen on paying a yearly management charge on a fund that is nothing to do...
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    Kids, kids, kids - advertising industry and the little ones

    D'ont under estimate little people power. I had my 2 little nieces over one of the days over Christmas as I had booked panto in the Olympia. With the snow and ice, we were worried about not being able to go because the roads were really bad my way, but their mum told them they could still...
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    Move existing PRSA into Employers Scheme?

    I have had a PRSA with Irish Life since 2007. It set it up through a low cost broker and it was a nil commission and I have 100% unit allocation. I currently have paid in almost 17k and it is worth in and around 18,800. Employer is now offering a new pension plan open to all staff. I was...
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    audi a3 Slantback

    If you google it, it certainly looks like a hatchback. Regarding Golf being the same car, don't agree there. Had a 2009 A3 and more recently a 2010 Golf (both 2.0 diesel) and I did not think them similar at all.
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    Thoughts on VW Polo or Kia Rio

    If you are any way interested in cars that hold their value, it would always be Polo over Rio, irrespective of what they are like to drive.
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    audi a3 Slantback

    A3 "Slantback" Haven' t seen one, but it is described as a crossbreed between saloon and 4dr coupe, whatever that is. A3 is near the end of its life now and you need to take that into account when considering buying. Had one in 2009 and loved it, but think it needs an overhaul now.
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    Is anyone going to cancel their health insurance?

    Read that the VHI was going up (again) but just copped that I am on Plan B options and am due a 45% increase. My premium is due to go up significantly and am wondering if I should give it up now. I don't agree in principal with having to pay for private health insurance but have done it for...
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    Hands up if you have 'the flu'

    Had the flu over Christmas. Got it the day before I was due to leave for Christmas holidays. Was in bed most of Christmas with sweats, vomiting, no energy, headaches, etc. Still have a horrible hoarse voice and a cough worse than any smoker ever has. I got this before (same time) about 7...
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    What happens if you are late filing a B10 to notify the appointment of a new director

    You are supposed to file them within 30 days of the appointment. But technically, nothing has happened to any of the ones I have been late in filing. I have filed them effective of the date of appointment. If the Annual Return goes in with the details of the new director on it before the...
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    Taking my life savings out of EBS and BoI please help me choose a place for my saving

    Is everyone moving their money? Has everyone moved their money outside an Irish Bank? I have about 50K currently split between PTSB and Ulster Bank.
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    Best 4-wheel drive

    Saw a review of the Fiat Panda 4 x 4 vs. one of the bigger land rovers or range rovers and there was not much in it.
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    Idiot drivers in the snow and ice

    The exact same as they mean for the rest of the population?
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    Lack of availability of items in Aldi/Lidl.

    This is a case of deja vu for me. D'ont think that's unique to the LIDL'y juicers. Bought a cheap juicer years ago and a load of oranges and I think after about a dozen of them and huge effort I had a tiny glass of orange. That was the end of me and that yoke. Left the juicer in the press as...
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    Idiot drivers in the snow and ice

    Agree with this. Sometimes for an older person, once they lose their independence and spirit they go downhill. I see my own father 69, thinking he is looking after the "old" people on his road by doing their errands at the local shop. He has never driven so will walk to the shops. No amount...
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    Best 4-wheel drive

    I dont think I could cope if this was every Winter. It is horrible.
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    Best 4-wheel drive

    4 x 4 Currently driving a Skoda Yeti 4 x 4 (offroad) 2.0tdi 170bhp. I cant comment on other 4 wheel drives because I have never driven one before, but I so love everything about this car.
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    Idiot drivers in the snow and ice

    We've actually just been talking about that and laughing would you believe. They must be suffering from brain freeze or something. Some idiot has just tried to bypass traffic by booting it along in the hard shoulder at the Straffan/Kill turn off. Driving one of those Rexton things. I tried...