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    Why there is so little house building in Ireland

    Could we not just introduce 95% capital gains tax on residential properties. Would that not end property speculation. You can deduct for renovations and index for inflation.
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    What is the point of avatars?

    Brendan looks like he's singing.
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    "Just because Brussels gives me a mandate to stop the rain..."

    Or our own 'undocumented' in the US.
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    Key Post Electric Vehicles

    To fully charge a Kona with a granny cable could take about 30 hrs. Not something you'd want to rely on for an emergency. Home charger would be an essential. An early adapter told me he used to charge at work all the time as he was the only one. Now there's too many and difficult to get near a...
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    Key Post Electric Vehicles

    I think they can be used to store electricity from solar panels on houses or from wind turbines ( domestic, not commercial).
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    New RTE programme "How to be Good with Money"

    But you need something kids would pay attention to.
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    New RTE programme "How to be Good with Money"

    A nice little snappy App for young kids could help. A simulation where they have to manage a budget, pay bills etc working towards a goal (buying a house, holiday etc). Wonder does one exist.
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    New RTE programme "How to be Good with Money"

    I always thought that it should be taught in schools. But think back to the first episode, it was a business teacher.
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    Imagine LTE High-Speed Broadband

    I have it a while now. No problems wtih it. Speed generally between 20 and 50 Mbps, advertised as up to 70. Only real option where I am . Only other providers in the atea give up to 8 mb.
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    Certificate from Social Welfare showing 2018 Illness Benefits.

    A few years ago I received illness benefit, when I went to complete the tax return online, the illness benefit was already there.
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    Sharing a recruitment bonus

    Should she not be buying you dinner for finding her a new job? Is the payment subject to them staying for a minimum period?
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    How do I rent movies now that DVD rentals are gone?

    Although I've never used it before, I think you can rent movies from Google Play.
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    Gross missconduct

    For a theft of 21k, I'd expect the Gardai to be involved. If they haven't contacted the Gardai, I'd be suspicious they're just making it up.
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    2,064 three bed council houses in Dublin with only one occupant!

    More people like this lady. Lived in the 4 bed house for 40 years and moved to a new apartment, freeing the house up for a family.
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    New reason for rejecting offer of social housing: no land for the horses

    Should the council supply dog houses, aviaries or pigeon lofts too. The state has an obligation to house it's citizens, but it shouldn't extend to it's citizens pets.
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    Have we too many third level students?

    I've had some multiple choice exams with negative marking. Makes guessing a bit risky.
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    How many landlords have quit because of rent controls?

    Shouldn't the RTB have this information, or at least a reasonable amount of data to estimate it.
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    How many landlords have quit because of rent controls?

    We'd need to know the figures for landlords in RPZs. Otherwise it's an argument about numbers that aren't relevant anyway.
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    Anyone want to write a money diary?

    I intend to be fully electric soon so pumps will be a thing of the past. Total fuel for last year was about €1500 (4.04 litres/100 km).
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    Anyone want to write a money diary?

    I do a balance sheet each month, listing assets and liabilities. Using the credit card for everything makes it easy to track expenditure. Only ever put 45 litres in the car, so can tell how much fuel I use annually and can work out the fuel efficiency too (since I know the mileage). Shows me...