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    KBC Anyone got the KBC handbook from 2005

    Dear all I would welcome observations on the following: I have held mortgages with IIB/KBC since 2005. It was always my understanding that I was on a SVR that changed according to changes in the ECB rate. In response to a recent complaint regarding whether I should have been on a tracker the...
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    Advice needed -mortgage review

    Thank you very much for replies. PPR is with "The Bank of You" - KBC and is a SVR. The BTL rate is SVR of 5.15% and was previously with KBC, now with Pepper.. Yes have been looking at Ulster Bank. We currently have a complaint with Ombudsman on both mortgages in relation to tracker which we had...
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    Advice needed -mortgage review

    Hi looking for some advice please. We have two mortgages as follows: PPR 125K balance remaining, term left 8 years 5 months, current repayments €1416 per month, interest 4.25%. PPR value approx €250k. Buy to Let 85k balance remaining, term left 12.5 years, monthly repayments €761. BTL sold on...
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    Ombudsman mediation

    Hi all, just wondering if anyone has had experience of FSPO mediation service? Complaint with Ombudsman for some time. Have received notification letter offering mediation.
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    KBC Ireland sells €1.9bn of bad loans to Goldman Sachs - no family homes.

    For those of you who received a letter from KBC regarding sale of mortgage please check paragraph one. The letter I received from KBC on 23rd August states: "We will write to you to confirm the date on which the transfer has taken effect". This does not give two months notice and my...
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    Query re professional fees for administration of estate

    Good afternoon, I posted before under another thread and thank you for the advice then provided. My late father died intestate and I am assisting my mother in tidying up his affairs. We visited solicitor who advised us to get valuation of home and small piece of land. Value of home €100k (my...
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    KBC Ireland sells €1.9bn of bad loans to Goldman Sachs - no family homes.

    Just rang KBC re my buy to let to see if included in sale. Was told that they didn't know but letters will issue in coming days to all affected. I asked who would be servicing these mortgages if my property sold on ..,was told Pepper would be servicing on behalf of Goldman Sachs. Have about 900...
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    Legal Fees

    Looking for some advice. My father died last year without leaving a will. I am trying to help my mother sort out her legal affairs. In order for her to make her will my siblings and I need to sign back our share of the estate to her, she can then sort out as she wishes. Otherwise the estate...
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    KBC Is the KBC 'prevailing' rate argument dead in the water?

    In the same boat with regard to complaint to FSPO re KBC. Applied for tracker in 2005, mortgage application manually changed to svr either by bank or broker (tracker scribbled out and variable rate box ticked). Was not aware of change until I requested file and found copy of application form...
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    KBC KBC basing cohorts on Application date rather than Draw-down dates

    Is it the case that KBC are only deeming as impacted those within the dates of the infamous Flyer? The CB Framework for Conducting the Tracker Mortgage Examination specifies the relevant period as "the period from when the lender commenced offering Tracker Mortgage Interest Rates to 31 December...
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    KBC KBC basing cohorts on Application date rather than Draw-down dates

    Those of us who believe that KBC have a case to answer in relation to our entitlement to a tracker need to get together to compare notes and lobby relevant authorities. United we stand, divided we fall!
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    KBC KBC basing cohorts on Application date rather than Draw-down dates

    Thank you. We applied in September 05. I called to the brokers office and remember requesting tracker and signing the application form. Drew down mid 06. We were subsequently put on a lenders prevailing rate in the letter of offer. This never sat right with me and I have queried it on and off...
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    KBC KBC basing cohorts on Application date rather than Draw-down dates

    The CB Framework for Conducting Tracker Mortgage examination states under Inscope Mortgage Accounts that the banks are to review all accounts where the underlying mortgage agreements provided for contractual rights to or options for a tracker mortgage. It also states under Transparency...
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    KBC KBC giving me back my tracker!

    Apologies for my confusion on this matter. The CB framework for conducting the tracker mortgage examination dated 2015 states relevant period as: " the period of time from when the lender commenced offering Tracker Interest Rates to 31 December 2015" Why then are KBC allowed to only investigate...
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    Charge registered on home

    Looking for some advice please. My father passed away last October without leaving a will and I am helping my 77year old mother to sort through the muddle of paperwork. She is anxious to have everything sorted and to make a will herself. We received a copy of the Property Registration Authority...
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    Time limit for Ombudsman response

    It is related to wording regarding the interest rate applied to our mortgage contracts and whether it comes under unfair terms in consumer contracts. Complaint went to mediation last spring and went to investigation last autumn.
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    Time limit for Ombudsman response

    Is there a specific time limit within which FSO must respond? My complaint is with them for over a year and with their investigation team since last Feb.
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    Brokers commission on mortgages

    Thank you Brendan, yes it is "the bank of you" - KBC.
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    Brokers commission on mortgages

    Can anyone advise re the following, my inquisitiveness is getting the better of me: I received a copy of my mortgage account file recently under Data Access. On the file is a letter from the bank to the broker dated 2009, stating the following: "We have been requested by the above customer to...
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    KBC KBC statement on tracker redress

    My credit rating is already affected as a result of their actions. I have always recorded every phone call and kept every item of correspondence. I have treated all of those I spoke to within the bank with respect. Unfortunately they have not treated me or other customers I know of with...