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    How long for Revenue refund

    Oh wow that was great, wonder is mine slower as I hadn't the EFT filled in until after filing, I'll leave it a few days and follow up. Thanks for the reply.
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    How long for Revenue refund

    Hi, my accountant submitted my return and I am due a refund. I filled in the bank details under ETP in ROS at the start of November and received a letter from them yesterday confirming bank account details. Just wondering how long a refund would usually take? I've done lots of searches online...
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    2015 Local Property Tax

    Same here, I set it up for the SDA for March 2015 and it gave the option to do the same for 2016 so just did it. Its done and set up now so I can forget about it. Wouldn't think the Government are happy its gone out this week in light of the big water protests this weekend. But like you my local...
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    Announcement child benefit to be increased by €5

    There had been a lot in the media about how women had been affected most in the last number of budgets due to cuts in child benefit, taxation on maternity pay etc. I reckon this was to try counter that.
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    Announcement No Dirt on people saving up for the deposit to buy a home

    I agree Bronte, he also suggested Banks would set up special accounts for this (with fees larger than the DIRT refund I'd guess).
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    Which is the best online calculator?

    This one seems to be working? based on leaks, which seem to have been right (in the most part), so its a start.
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    Compulsory Purchase Order Again

    Hi 10 years ago we appealed and were successfully excluded (by An Bord Plenala) from a CPO by the Council, other properties in the area were CPO'd and are now empty. At the time we agreed to back all works in the area, match paint work and keep in good repair etc. No work was ever carried...
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    If you are insured with Setanta Insurance

    Does anyone know if you have insuremyvan cover was that Setanta? Just received this email, thank heavens for that I would like to personally reassure you that, at, none of our clients have been or will be affected by this. We have never placed cover for any of our clients with...
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    Renewal Query when pregnant

    Thanks for that info, very helpful.
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    Renewal Query when pregnant

    Hi Just wondering if anyone can advise me, I am 6 weeks pregnant with first child and I am on the One + Plan and my husband is on the One Plan. My renewal will be up at the end of December, to ensure I am covered for maternity next June (all going well), do I need to stay with VHI and on the...
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    How to get from Faro Airport to Albufeira

    We used these guys last year, booked return and they gave us a free bottle of Vino when they dropped us off at our hotel as a gift for booking a return trip. Its a lovely resort, as you have a little one I'd recommend a trip to the Zoo Marine he'll love it...
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    LPT: and Investment Properties. Is it tax deductible?

    It was more wishful thinking tbh, I find it very unfair that the NPPR and HHC weren't deductible on rental properties, so was hoping that this time round it might be!
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    LPT: and Investment Properties. Is it tax deductible?

    Do we know if the property tax will be deductable?
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    In negative equity - sell and rent v rent and rent

    Renting out your own house brings with it lots of charges/fees/taxes all of which will likely rise in the next budget so you would have to think about factoring that cost into any calculations you are working out. You seem in a good position and have a great nest egg, I think if it were me I...
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    Key Post Anyone lost their tracker or paid a higher rate because they rented out their home?

    4 years ago I wrote to First Active to inform them I was moving out and renting the house (also informed Revenue) and to change my correspondence address with them. It didn't affect my rate at all I thought it would. Then my fixed rate ended about 6 months later, they sent a letter showing me...
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    Just sold my car now what to do with loan, etc??

    Everyone is different but without knowing your incomings/outgoings it is hard to give advice. But I'd personally clear the loan now. Put the 1550 into savings, use the amount I was repaying (approx €450ish a month is that correct) and save that until March that would give you 2250 + 1550 = 3800...
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    Garda wife: 'There are weeks I can't put food on the table'

    Have to agree that something doesn't seem right, is there other personal debt, why have health insurance if you can't feed yourself. This coupled with the out of work 'actor' yesterday all over the radio and news doesn't sit right with me (he was talking of the gym etc).
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    Should we have told the bank not to contact us by home visits or telephone calls?

    Tell them they can ring you but all calls will be recorded. I had a family member with an agreement arranged with the bank to make repayments. The bank rang and were saying 'its not enough' even though there was a written agreement, the bank staff member was quite agressive and rude and for over...
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    Advice please as salary will not last our family till end of month.

    Hi if you take a look at the key post (1st one) on this page and it outlines the best way to ask questions like this. If you can outline your incomings/outgoings it will mean you will get much better tips/advice as we can see the details.
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    Anyone else get a letter

    To answer this part of OP post, a DCC councillor has told me there will be a further 2 letters sent to remind those who have received this first letter. After that 3rd letter then things will escalate and be taken further. Worth noting said councillor hasn't paid charge either.