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    Registered Post - should it be signed by the recipient

    I used to work in a company where we often sent letters and parcels by registered mail. You wouldn't believe the number of parcels which apparently were delivered- with illegible signatures but recipients never got... At my parents house, my mother had to go to local post office centre and...
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    Bringing a toddler to Punchestown Festival?

    We have been given tickets for the reserved enclosure for Ladies Day in Punchestown Festival this Friday. We have toddler and wondering if we can bring her along? And If so, I presume we don't need a ticket for her? Thanks,
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    How much and who to tip for service at a wedding?

    We tipped the wedding coordinator and we left a tip to be shared among the waiting/bar staff. We were very very happy with the staff -lots of people commented how friendly and accommodating they were- going out of their way to help our guests...Also having spoken to one bar man he assured us...
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    Trying to find somebody/track somebody down

    Hi, wondering if anybody can offer advice? A friend of mine is trying to track down a relative who she thinks may be in hospital or even having been committed to a psychiatric hospital. The relative in question has some alcohol and maybe even mental health issues and became estranged from most...
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    Pregnancy and a new job offer

    As far as I know once they have made you job offer, they cannot take it back because you are pregnant- this would be discrimination. A friend of mine went for teaching interview at 9 mths pregnant, got the job and straight to maternity leave- this was a permanent position though. If the...
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    credit union advantages

    I can't see the benefit of having so much money in the credit union- the interest is very low on saving. The benefits I think of a credit union is if you save regularly you will be able to borrow loans at low interest- many people do this who get loans on a regular basis- particularly people on...
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    Advantage of paying with a credit card?

    I cant see the benefit of what you mention-I think it is better to use your credit card to pay for your big purchases and then pay it off in time when bill comes at no cost... I don't understand what you mean by a secure transaction?- I presume if the credit card company has to advance the...
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    Buying a house - What do i do first ?

    When we bought our house, we were a bit clueless..we viewed it a few times and liked it, it seemed in good condition and we made offer based on that- we didn't realise we could have had survey before putting in offer- we thought this was the normal process. I regret we did it this way as the...
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    Bidding on a house advice

    I would sit tight if I were you- what is your hurry? Remember you are the one in the driving seat- you have mortgage approval. What have the sellers got?- a house that has been on the market for a year. The fact that it is executive sale and 3 separate people have to get their share of the...
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    First Baby - Financial Implications

    Would not worry too much about the extra costs- as posters said apart from few big items in the first few months a baby is not expensive- plus you are not going out really at all- so savings there! Childcare really is the big expense when the time comes.... Something I would say and reading the...
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    Cash buyer for house - what to do re EA?

    This sounds perfectly reasonable to me...once EA has been paid for any prior advertising, etc.....I mean anybody can decide not to sell their house after having used an EA....although I guess a for sale sign provided by EA alerts people to the availability of a house......and then some EAs are...
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    Signing on for 1st time

    I am fairly sure that you will need the original...but you should still go and sign on asap. They will give you list of docs they require from you to process your claim and give you a date to go back in to them with all the documentation. Your claim( if it is all in order) will be backdated to...
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    solicitor seeking fee for amending title after sale

    oh yes the sale went through a year ago..all payments done and dusted long ago..that is my issue I guess..I haven't got the 2 quotes in writing...need to get that I guess too..
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    solicitor seeking fee for amending title after sale

    Thanks for all advice. I am going to seek a written description of what exactly happened from my solicitor and why this wasn't discovered during probate or selling...I'm not going to rush to pay as I'm not convinced I'm liable for this cost..even if the situation is as mf1 says I still think...
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    solicitor seeking fee for amending title after sale

    I inherited a house from my aunt a couple of years ago.Her husband had died some years before and she had no children. I sold the house in the normal way- using a solicitor more than a year ago. Now,my solicitor informs me that the solicitor of the purchasers have got in touch to say that the...
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    Passed over for job despite being best qualified

    thanks- I appreciate all the replies. On mature reflection, I have somewhat got over the outrage! Agree that nothing positive can come out of protesting...I may get in touch to get the notes all the same for further interviews....For reasons that I don't want to go into on public forum(...
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    Passed over for job despite being best qualified

    yes I agree of course and in the private sector you are free to employ who you like but my understanding was that in the public sector this is not the case- everything must be transparent and the candidates asked the same questions etc...and scored according to their ability etc...and that...
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    Passed over for job despite being best qualified

    Thanks for all replies. I think I will request access to the notes and scoring. Re the other replies I understand what you are saying but my interview went well- I'm not cocky but I have the experience for this role...I know the sector well and was confident in my answers...I had worked very...
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    Passed over for job despite being best qualified

    I recently went for a job that was govt funded and therefore public money. I got to second round of interviews up against one other candidate who was successful and got the job. I asked for but never received feedback from that interview. However, I have come now to know that the person who...