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    Joint House Ownership problems

    Even if his wife goes for a mortgage herself the house with existing mortgage owed by this poster will affect her application, since they are married a bank will take it into consideration in any new mortgage approval even by the wife as far as I know.
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    What's making you happy today?

    The buzz you get from having a secret that noone knows yet that is so fantastic that even working bank holiday Sat, Sun and Mon don't annoy me!
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    Alcohol promotions - what is the legal position

    I remember from my younger days that if you wanted to buy a Fat Frog the barman would only give you the 3 bottles of alcohol and 2 empty pint glasses and not pour it into a glass for you. So effectively they sold only 3 bottles which you then decided to mix, taking the risk yourself of doing so...
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    Trying to organise itinery for Las Vegas and San Francisco

    Hiya, we did a trip last November, flew into San Fran for 3 nights, drove to Sonoma for a night, drove to Yosemite from there for a night and then finished up 3 nights in the Bellagio in Las Vegas. For San Fran I adored the city and didn't really get to see everything since we had only 2 full...
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    Food to die for ?

    Because of this thread last night I got a chinese takeaway for the first time in months and months since reading the posts made me want a four-in-one and chicken balls, curry sauce........ It was gorgeous of course. I blame all those who posted about chinese specials / four in one trays....
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    My Story 1 Income, Spouse & 2 Kids

    Motor Insurance at €146 a month would be €1,752 a year! Surely this is not right either? Also you need to start keeping a spending diary as it's not immediately clear where the extra money is being spent, how did you miss mortgage repayments what did you spend the money on. Also you don't...
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    The Late Late Show 15-04-2011, serious piece on suicide followed by dog marriage?

    Dog grooming is not just about washing a dog!! I would happily wash my own dog and I do that but he goes to the dog groomer to have his hair trimmed and cut right and keep it in good condition, trim his nails, do something to his anal gland, not everyone is confident doing those grooming tasks...
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    I have to say this seemed a bit strange ...

    I was in the lane to go straight ahead to East Wall Road and there was a lane to my right which was for cars turning right at the lights before EW Rd and I swung into that as nothing was coming and there was no car in the lane and then took the right turn, out of danger.
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    I have to say this seemed a bit strange ...

    I also do this as well as locking all doors and leaving my handbag out of sight and indeed driving on Poplar Row one time a few years ago I was glad I do it, a guy in a crowbar was coming towards my car window and I swung out of the lane of traffic and got the car safely off. I saw him break the...
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    Offered a tracker rate by BOI

    Is it in his mortgage contract that he has to be offered a tracker when he comes off the fixed rate? If it is then that is why they offered it. Also did the contract say a tracker of ECB & X% as otherwise your friend may have been offered a tracker of say ECB & 6% or whatever which is not...
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    Forced 2-week period of annual leave

    I work for a US multinational, we don't have to take 2 weeks together at all, in fact they dislike when you do as your work needs to be covered but you have to take at least 20 days off in a year.
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    Corrib Gas Gardai story

    my young nephew says "catch the tiger by the toe" It was nigger in my day as well but in fairness that was back when there wasn't 1 black child in the school. And we didn't know what nigger meant.
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    Saving for college/tightening the purse strings

    The advice is useful.......and greatly appreciated??? Seriously Danielle have you re-read your other threads and posts you made on them because I read them all at the time and so I can honestly say I have no desire to post advice here and I will follow this thread with interest to see if it ends...
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    Corrib Gas Gardai story

    As a complete aside to the main issue here, I found it quite sad that most of the conversation between the gardai was spent discussing how they had arrested one of the women (the one in the tractor) and how it wasn't done according to how they were trained. They seemed to be very taken up with...
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    Should you give a present for a wedding abroad?

    I have gotten photobooks before on and was very pleased with them, the ones I got were €30 or so. I have no connection with snapfish other than as a customer, after a big holiday I like to get one as a momento. With regard to your query I know of a couple who put on the invites...
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    forced to work bank holiday

    Sorry mercman but this is not exactly answering the question?? telling her to shut up is hardly helpful and not every person who has a job is obliged to be so grateful to have it that they can't question their employer. I work weekdays too, so if my employer tells me to work the Easter Sat and...
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    Fortnightly Mortgage Payments - PTSB?

    good article on fortnightly payments today in the Irish Times -
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    Job of enumerator Census 2011

    I heard on the radio that for the 10 weeks work the enumerators will get about €2k, that is hardly a nice earner, it's about the same as the weekly dole payment. And for the people who do it by earning money that week they won't qualify for their dole if they were claiming it so it is...
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    Things you heard today that you hope are an April's Fool Day joke...

    and this image from which I am addicted to checking....
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    Things you heard today that you hope are an April's Fool Day joke...

    Phew, they just said it's an April Fool joke. Is that the best John Murray could come up with....