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    Is a comparison to D Trump about to be the new Godwin's law?

    Anecdotal evidence (can it be just me?) suggests it is about to be!
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    What about men?

    When is international men's day? For those of you who don't know ( and didn't bother to read the entire thread), it's November 19th. Amazingly, and at this stage, wearily, twitter, facebook and social media in general is full of the usual whataboutery, but when is international men's day...
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    Commercial Property Stamp Duty

    I think you already know the answer to this. No stamp duty on death, but that clause sounds like trouble.
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    Clarification needed around powers of executors and wording of will

    Depends on the exact wording of the will, this is one for a specialist TEP/CTA
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    tax on sale of house

    If she made a capital loss, and she paid the LPT, then I guess it's the NPPR levy.
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    tax on sale of house

    It could be CGT, it could be LPT or it could be the NPPR levy ( not a tax as such, but a charge). Without more information, we can only guess.
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    Do staples invalidate a will?

    The probate office used to advise solicitors at one stage not to staple wills, then they said it was better to staple them. Worst case is that you might have to submit an affidavit of attesting witness, not a big deal. The best practice now is to use brass eyelets and also number the pages 1 of...
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    How to Get Legal Advice on Faulty Workmanship (Builder, Architect and Rotten Roof)

    Watch the time limits here too- strict 6 year time limit, you should take legal advice immediately
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    Adverse Possession

    Cremeegg is correct, this can be dealt with as a straight forward rectification of title.
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    How to pay capital gains tax

    Even where there is no CAT due, you still need revenue clearance for a non- resident beneficiary. This is because strictly speaking that beneficiary might owe other taxes in Ireland, such as IT or VAT. As the executor you have a secondary liability for taxes in the estate.
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    How to pay capital gains tax

    That clearance you mention that the solicitor received is for CAT, not CGT. Always necessary for a non-resident beneficiary. You asked the solicitor to retain the CGT, but you know that he hasnt because you have seen the figures which I assume you approved before distribution. So just get on...
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    How to pay capital gains tax

    At the risk of repeating myself, pay for specialist advice. It doesn't need to cost much, but you will get the correct advice. Revenue are not an advisory service and although I find them very helpful, they are not there to guide you. CGT and CAT and SD are all self-assessment taxes. Your...
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    Inheriting Shares.

    You can 'disclaim' a benefit, you can 'renounce' an executorship.
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    Inheriting Shares.

    Do you mean Kerry Group Plc or Kerry Co-op shares? It will depend on the wording of the will. It may also depend on agreement, if the power isnt in the will. If the parent is not deceased, and this is important, the will can be changed now. If the will is changed, it can reflect the parent's...
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    Legal Fees

    There are four different things going on here. First, the OP's father has died, intestate. A grant of administration intestate will need to be extracted to his estate. The work involved in this will depend on the assets, the costs will depend on the value to a certain extent, ie probate stamp...
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    Legal Fees

    Probate solicitors usually don't give a quote until they have been given details of all of the assets, including valuations. This is standard practice. The value of the estate determines the court stamp duty on the application which is scaled, and the details of the assets will determine the...
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    Legal Fees to transfer house in new names

    I would suggest that you would simply ring a few firms and enquire. I did this recently for someone and charged €150 plus VAT as the legal fee, PRAI and commissioner for oaths fees are on top of that. I am not Dublin based and am not touting for business.
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    Registry of Deeds versus Registration of Title System

    As Direct Devil says, there is no need to register a Registry of Deeds title on an inheritance in the land registry ( ie no need to do a first registration) unless there is something wrong with the title, in which case it might be advisable to future proof it. It is not compulsory. A registry...
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    Need witnesses to will

    A solicitor will charge this kind of fee because they will check the will is valid. If they just witness it, and it is a heap of rubbish ( even though you say it is legally fine), no doubt they will be sued for negligence. You could hang around on a street somewhere and cajole two people into...
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    Problem with will

    Hi Galwaypat, your relative needs to seek a solicitor's advice immediately. There are very short time limits to take an action under s.117 Succession Act which sounds relevant here. If the action isn't taken within the time limit, there is no relief.