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    AIB used forged document to claim couples home - Examiner

    But appart from Shane Ross, who is good at causing trouble, is there? I voted for George Lee and that was a waste of a trip to the polling station. Voting for SF could lead to the likes of the Third Reich rising to power.
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    AIB used forged document to claim couples home - Examiner

    Never a truer word spoken. We also still have the same (high level) civil servants in charge, whose job it is to guide and inform the politicians of the decisions to take. Nothing changes, at election time we will get new ‘names’ to replace the old ones. There election promises will be broken...
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    UPC wireless router

    One of the problems with the EPC2425 is when you enable Bridging to connect it to another router, the phone sockets no longer work. However I think there is workaround on Boards by fixing the IP addresses and setting the other router IP as the DMZ.
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    Are the best properties on web sites?

    Depends on what you mean by 'best'. Estate agents (mainly in upmarket areas) can have houses on their books which are not advertised.
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    UPC wireless router

    I have to agree, the software on the Cisco EPC2425 appears to be half finished. Even the hardware appears to be badly designed, so much light bleeds between the LEDs that all 12 appear to be lit all the time!
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    Illegal dumping - EPA not following up on complaints

    Yes, it is in the corner of a shared parking area. It would take 2 or 3 super skips to clear it all. There are houses just on the other side of the wall from it! I parked beside it last week and there is a puddle of brown/red water from/beside it. The warehouse it is beside was a printers who I...
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    Illegal dumping - EPA not following up on complaints

    Who would be best to contact for waste 'dumped' (pallets of old developer and other chemicals etc) in the corner of an industrial estate (i.e. private properity) for the last couple of years?
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    AIB used forged document to claim couples home - Examiner

    Almost 7 years ago I was hold that AIB's own solicitors had found a large number of problems with the conveyancing performed by some of the 'high volume/low cost' solicitors, and they hoped the day would never come when they had to reprocess those houses. Well that day has come...
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    If convicted of illegal posession of a property what will happen to us?

    +1 On face value it sounds like rubbish. On a number of points.
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    How long do your headlights last?

    Are you touching the bulbs when you change them?
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    Budget 2011 and tax relief for home insulation etc.

    I would not hold your breath. They have announced Green initiatives in the budget before to keep Gormley happy and they were never implemented. eg. €200 car park tax and Car BIK based on engine CO2 emissions as well as mileage.
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    Is it true that Anglo staff got two weeks christmas bonus?

    The problem they have is rebuilding their careers. Jobs are hard to find, they have families to feed and mortgages to pay. Goodbodies laid of 20 staff last Monday, and more to follow. I have heard AIB are going to announce another 2/3k (yes thousand) this month. How does 'Anglo' look on a CV? I...
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    Key Post Credit Union dividend: Whats Yours in 2010(?)

    Milltown Clonskeagh Credit Union -12/01/2011 Where is annual report? In the post. Where is dividend? - Hopefully, we will pay it in February, there is a delay, something to do with the Government.
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    Pc to tv cable?

    Yep and Yep. You can use the other cable for some of the other video inputs. As you are using the VGA input for the picture (PC selected on TV), it expects the sound to come in on the PC audio input.
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    Pc to tv cable?

    Wrong cable, you need one with a 3.5mm Stereo jack on both ends. Then plug it into the PC Audio input on the TV.
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    External Hard Drive Broken - Options

    Believe me, for €200 euro they are not going to do much. I don’t think there is anyone in the country with the equipment to read data directly off a disk's platters. But at that level you are looking at possibly tens of thousands. You could take the HD out of the case and put it into a...
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    Central locking problem on 2001 Scenic

    With iginition on, hold the unlock button on dash for 5 secs, until you hear a beep.