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    Ulster Bank typo - gives me 2.3% for three years instead of two

    (Moved from another thread - Brendan) Hi, Just curious if anyone else experienced this. I switched to Ulster bank already last year and a number of weeks ago I chose to move to the new 2 year fixed rate. I then received a call from UB a few days ago stating there was an error in the...
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    Key Post Tips for switching your mortgage

    Based on our protracted switch from BOI to Ulster Bank over the last 4 months, one more thing i would recommend to do if thinking of switching is to start one or two regular savings accounts - even for small amounts < 100 per month is very useful. this is for their stress test. We struggled a...
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    Switching mortgage restricted by age

    I actually asked was it specific to switchers and they said no.
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    Switching mortgage restricted by age

    Hi, Thanks to all the great advice on here, we are looking to switch mortgage. We are just about to complete a 2 year fixed rate (3.8%) period with current mortgage from BOI so am shopping around. EBS is listed as best buy due to the 2% cashback - the variable rate of 3.5 also would mean reduced...
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    Question Free Pre School year from Sept 2016- (23 weeks)

    Thanks all for the replies. Am chasing pre-school tomorrow. Would be a nice bonus...! Must try to think of others I know in the same boat...
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    Question Free Pre School year from Sept 2016- (23 weeks)

    I have a 3 year old (birthday in March) started last month in pre-school part-time (paying for 3 mornings). This is with the assumption that we would not send her to primary school in Sep 2016 as still a bit young, and therefore use the free preschool entitlement next year as it would be...
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    Do you recommend or

    As a customer, I've used a few times - it would be my first port of call - and usually get at least a couple of callbacks for jobs. I recently advertised on both there and (which I'd only found recently from googling) and got at least 3 callbacks same day from...
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    Balancing mortgage saving with potential LPT increase

    Hi all, I am looking at getting mortgage rate reduced with a LTV rate which requires a valuation of the house. If the valuation is much greater than when we bought house a few years ago (and what revenue estimated as the value) it will be good for our mortgage LTV, but then are we obliged to...
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    Key Post In the light of the recent rate cuts, should I fix my mortgage rate?

    I'm in a similar situation to shweeney. Current BOI customer with SVR of 4.35% (<80%LTV), just received annual statement with flyer stating the new fixed rates available to existing customers from 2nd Feb. (They make it very difficult to find their rates on their new website - I'm still...
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    Home Does home insurance cover underground central heating leak?

    Thanks for quick response guys. In my case my Trace and Access cover is up to €1000 with excess of €275. Of course if I claim I lose 40% no claim discount too. kkelliher: The impression I got from them was that only (water) damage caused by the leak is covered, which in my case is minimal, but...
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    Home Does home insurance cover underground central heating leak?

    Hi, Since several days ago, our central heating is failing to heat almost all radiators in the house (bungalow). It is a sealed system but you cannot top it up fast enough to get more than 1/2 bar pressure when cold and as soon as you stop topping up the pressure drops to zero within a minute...
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    Would you buy a second hand washing machine?

    Hi, One tip on buying a standalone dishwasher or fridge or cooker. You are less likely to be getting a lemon if the seller is selling because of installing a new kitchen with built-in appliances that are replacing the free-standing ones. Also I bought previously from mentioned above...
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    Motor Adding Au Pair onto Motor Insurance

    Hi, Like you we added au pair to car insurance (before they arrived) and it more than doubled the price. Unfortunately the au pair did not work out and left after only a few weeks, and of course it costs you to re-amend a policy. So one suggestion I would make is to wait for a few weeks to make...
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    BIK on company paid Health Insurance

    Hi, Are you saying that one is entitled to claim something back separate to whatever your company is doing through your salary? In my case I have the following (I am in the higher tax band): VHI net cost is 977.40 On my payslip I see on the left (income) is "VHI Subsidy: 101.81" on the right, I...
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    Changing spotlights to energy saving bulbs

    Hi, When we moved house 2 1/2 years ago there were a total of 90 bulbs in the house!, about 25 of these halogen 50W LV GU10 spots. We replaced these with 3W (mains) warm white LEDs from Wesco (about €8 each) and so far (touchwood) have had to replace none. The light quality change is also...
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    Are CFL low energy bulbs worth the money?

    Hi, when we moved into our house 2 years ago now, there were 25 50W GU10 halogen spotlights in the house. I replaced all of these with 3W LED lights - the output of each equivalent to the previous 50W bulbs. I have only replaced one bulb (it was faulty from the start and got it replaced) and...
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    Bloom Bloominthepark 2013 Ireland's Largest Gardening, Food & Family Event Phoenix Pk

    Hi, I believe the woodies tickets are 'buy one get one half price' this year. which I presume makes it 2 for €30. (Checking right now but site is unavailable)
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    Company charges on credit card 6 months later

    Hi, Just curious about the following. I bought something from a company online over 6 months ago and they took out 190 euros from my credit card at the time. Then just recently I saw in my statement another charge for a further 25 euros. When contacted, they said that they had 'performed an...
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    Can we start moving into new house before having to vacate ours?

    Hi, We are selling our house to first time buyer and are (hopefully) moving into another (second-hand but currently vacant) house. No long chain which is good. Obviously we need to have contracts signed on our house before we sign for new house we're moving to. My question is, is it possible to...
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    Key Post Costs of Buying and Selling a House

    Hi, We are in the same position as you, except a little ahead - house is currently for sale. Our EA is 1% + advertising (300) + VAT (Others are up to 2% I believe) Solicitor cost is 3000 (inc VAT) for both the selling and buying part. Other quotes I got were from 3000-3500 BER you can get for...