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    C02 of one beef dinner in comparison to a flight.

    When I look at the proportion of my electricity bill that is standing charges and levies, knocking off a third of the basic electricity unit cost wouldn't be worth it. I reckon payback time for a solar PV installation would be thirty years, even without taking the cost of money into...
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    C02 of one beef dinner in comparison to a flight.

    And just to bring it back to the thread topic of beef dinners versus air travel: Globally, the primary sources of greenhouse gas emissions are energy and transport (74%), agriculture (11%), land use change and forestry (6%), industrial processes (6%), waste (3%). The three quarters of CO2 from...
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    C02 of one beef dinner in comparison to a flight.

    No, that figure is off by a factor of a thousand. World electricity consumption is over 20,000 TWh, projected to double in the next 20 years. World total primary energy consumption is over 160,000 TWh, of which half goes to heating and a quarter to transport. Electricity sounds like a smaller...
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    Prize Bonds are looking attractive alternatives to deposits

    What a weird assertion by the Irish times. It's meaningless unless you know the annual odds of winning €50 on an investment of €10k. As it happens, you've a better than 50% chance of winning no prize at all. The overall average return is about 0.33% ... which doesn't justify the administrative...
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    C02 of one beef dinner in comparison to a flight.

    Yeah, renewable energy tends to be fairly diffuse. 1.3 kWm⁻² is not bad for solar, but at 15-22% efficiency and the sun not overhead, you could be easily talking about 0.1 kWm⁻² of land use. Wind turbines can produce a lot of energy per unit area of the rotor disc. General Electric are creating...
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    C02 of one beef dinner in comparison to a flight.

    Sounds impressive ... until you divide it by the 86,400 seconds in a day and get 0.9 Watt. So a hundred tonnes of water runs a couple of light bulbs. (I do realise there's an awful lot of seawater out there). But that's assuming 4 metres of tidal range, which is globally uncommon (even though...
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    C02 of one beef dinner in comparison to a flight.

    Well, I'm kinda interested in the topic so that was all just off the top of my head. Open to correction on any points. Yes, precisely that. I was thinking particularly about China. There's the famous stat that China used more concrete between 2011 and 2013 than the USA used in the entire 20th...
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    C02 of one beef dinner in comparison to a flight.

    Three reasons: Everybody likes to think they're against climate change, but they have much less idea about: the economic impact of going back to 1990 CO₂ levels (since when the global population has gone up 40%) practical approaches to implementing such a reversal Most people are quite...
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    Synch Google maps with Mondeo Sync3 system

    Do you mean you have connected your phone to the car and everything other than Google Maps comes up?? That would be pretty weird as it's all one integrated app. For instance, in a Skoda I am seeing exactly the same as you see on the screen in this video on the Ford Sync system. What exactly are...
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    Query on limit orders

    Typically the price of each share. If you're using a decent online system it should confirm the order total with you before you submit.
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    List of new waste charges

    Definitely an outrage that they are not compelled to post their rates.
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    Favourite Restaurant in Ireland- what’s yours

    The Michelin-starred restaurant at the Cliff House hotel in Ardmore. The tasting menu (with wine) is extraordinary.
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    Mira Elite Shower

    He's probably called a plumber already as that last post was over seven years ago. o_O
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    Form 12...Questions 19 & 20.

    No idea, I'm afraid.
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    Form 12...Questions 19 & 20.

    You don't need to report the Savings Certs and Bonds at all. One of the National Solidarity Bonds a few years ago had a 1% annual rate that was liable to DIRT and had to be reported, as well as a final payout which didn't, but apart from those none of the tax free State savings products have to...
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    Amazon price changes mysteriously

    Got a shock just now, checked the same item again and thought I'd seen Amazon UK introduce import fees to Ireland in anticipation of Brexit. :eek::eek::eek: Turns out I was accidentally on the US site. :D Also saw that I could have gotten it €35 cheaper from than I paid to UK. :oops:
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    Internet shopping v The high street stores

    That's totally illegal.
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    Internet shopping v The high street stores

    "Will we see an epidemic of closed doors" Wrong tense. The epidemic is well underway. Bricks and mortar retail is on its last gasp.
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    Campaign to Save RTE longwave

    Don't care, as long as BBC keeps Radio 4 longwave. (Mind you, nowadays I can get it in glorious digital, even in the car).
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    Loud Water Tank Filling in Attic

    I'm not a plumber but it sounds unadvisable. If you ever get a leak in the inlet pipe to the attic, even if you turn of the mains it will siphon all the water out of the tank back down to the leak point. Bad idea.