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    90k to invest

    you have capital guarentee with the likes of a savings account with rabbo direct and they pay 2.4% interest and the money can be withdrawn at any time , sure , in the event of the euro collapsing or ireland leaving the single currency , you money would be devalued but this investment fund you...
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    90k to invest

    any investment which is capital guarenteed should be avoided like the plague , best case scenario you will end up right where you started off as such investments incur very hefty managment fees , its important to remmber that four out of every five bank investment funds never make a schilling ...
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    Silver ETF vs Physical Silver

    you can buy silver in cert form without choosing the ETF route , goldcore offer perth mint certificates which are backed by the goverment of western australia , i wouldnt buy silver at the moment , the price of silver reflects the state of the global economy and industrial demand for that metal...
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    About 30k redundancy to invest - dont trust banks

    if the euro crumbles , what do you think will happen stocks and shares , they will crash like they did in 2008 after lehmanns bank collapsed , im not saying you shouldnt invest in rock solid blue chip companys but you would need to view it was a relativley long term investment , at least five...
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    20k to Invest

    markets are having a torrid time this past number of months , id sit on the sidelines if i was you or perhaps stick more money in gold , europe is not anywhere near settled yet and the markets are in two steps forward , three steps back mode every few weeks
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    Saving USD in Ireland?

    anyone who would have bought dollars with their euro this time last year , would be weeping today , the euro has held firm despite everything and the dollar has been on a downward trojectory , i wouldnt touch the american dollar , i view currency speculation as much riskier than the likes of...
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    Cash may be king at present, but without taking some risks you'll never get a return"

    you had a visit from a SALESMAN from one of the banks the banks often distort figures in order to reflect well upon various fund performers , i wouldnt touch a bank investment fund with a barge pole , i had quite a bit of money in an irish life fund from 2007 - 2010 and it never made a...
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    How to protect against hyperinflation

    ive a few hundred euro worth of shares with patagonia gold but it seems to be a bit of a dud gold mining shares dont always track bullion price as some of them are poorly ran companys , you got any tips , perhaps the market vectors mining ETF is a good bet ?
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    Time to take a punt on the stockmarkets?

    do you see gold falling along with other commodities
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    Time to take a punt on the stockmarkets?

    a week ago id have said yes but last thursday and friday + the early part of this week has been the shortest rebound in memory , its a very bad sign that we,ve hit the rocks so soon again , i wouldnt touch stocks for a while
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    Selling a flat in Budapest

    i sold an appartment in budapest in early 2009 , i employed a well known estate agent called duna house , they charged me 4% commision which by hungarian ( extortionate ) standards isnt too bad
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    Where to put savings now?

    bar putting money in a swiss franc account , buying german bonds or sticking it under the matress , how does one conservativley invest when the worlds fianancial and economic system is on the brink
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    Where to put savings now?

    gold rose four fold before the media gave it a seconds notice , gold has only entered the public consciousness very recently , the recent stock market bull run was a sham , backed by nothing except QE by the goverment , america is entering rescession again , money will enter defensive assetts...
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    Economically Illiterate and worried!!

    keep what you need to live in the likes of rabbo , i wouldnt worry too much about devaluation , if we leave the euro , no one will completley avoid the fallout , put the rest you dont need ( for a year or so ) in gold
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    Where to put savings now?

    the swiss franc is so strong at the moment , you would need something like 20% more euro to buy it today than last december , you could find yourself in a situation where even you bought in today and were secure in the knowledge that your money wouldnt evaporate , were the euro to stabalise in...
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    Rabo Ignoring ECB Rate Increase ???

    ring goldcore , they have many gold and silver based products , you can buy and keep , buy and have it stored or choose whats called the perth mint , this is unallcoated gold , a cert , its 2% cheaper to buy than physical , very handy if you want to offload gold quick 01 6325010
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    Rabo Ignoring ECB Rate Increase ???

    i had money with hsbc from last november , had a sterling and a canadian dollar account , have brought all my money back and closed both accounts , in terms of wealth preservation , from now on its rabbo bank + gold
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    Sterling Account

    heres some advice , dont open a sterling account , its a weak currency this past number of years and with the uk having edged back towards rescession , that isnt going to change , anyone who put money in sterling ( from euro ) last november is down a lot of money
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    Rabo Ignoring ECB Rate Increase ???

    more chance of a federal euro with one finance minister than the euro breaking up
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    Rabo Ignoring ECB Rate Increase ???